I am feeling really good about this weekend guys…The rumors are that the RV will start late tonight…I am looking for possibly the trigger is pulled overnight on Saturday and then 800 numbers on Sunday. This makes logistical sense to me…My source in Iraq is expecting a rate change tomorrow….he says there is so much excitement in Iraq right now…Its not a question of “if” It’s a question of  “When”…if it doesn’t happen by tomorrow we are still at an anytime basis…I still think the back wall is April 1st…but I think it will be already done.

I hear that every bank will have their own 800 numbers…so I will be sharing multiple 800 numbers.  Remember DON’T LET YOUR CURRENCY OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!!!  …IF THE WEEKEND IS ACTIVE AND THINGS EXECUTE…THEN TUESDAY MAY BE NICE DAY FOR US WE THE PEEPS…If I get big news – I will…maybe have another stream…if not I will update you all in the morning…I will be glued to the phone this weekend.

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