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MarkZ Monday Update – Some highlights by PDK – Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Mark had technical issues this morning Call was postponed to 3 pm est

Member: Please let this be our week!!!

MZ: A lot of positioning over the weekend for paymasters, group leaders, attorneys on the banking side…..  There was a lot of paperwork updated over the weekend.  POA’s (power of attorney’s) and a number of group leaders were asked to have all their documents up to date. Updated emails, Phone numbers, amount’s of currency.

MZ:  I cannot find anybody with actual dollars yet though. But they are being told it will be this week. There is a lot of really good chatter right now.  They needed all their info updated for this week.

MZ: There are many appointments set for tomorrow now.

MZ: Iraqi connections are still very hopeful they will see a new rate by Wednesday.

MZ: No package deliveries or settlements yet.

Q: Appointments being made for what tier?

MZ: Tier 4…..we are part of tier 4.

MZ: About Zim exchanges there is a lot of mis-information being put out on purpose. There is a lot of intel people being fed mis-information. I am not worried about the Zim….I believe its real. I have 2 big attorney’s who tell me it’s still very real……

MZ: Do not listen to the people who say it isn’t……do not turn into Chicken Little and run around thinking the sky is falling. There are people being paid to give false information out…..that is a fact.

Member: My sources also say the zim is fine and it’s real.

Member: They would not cut us out of the exchanges

MZ: They need us for liquidity…….they really are going to need us.

MZ: So I am going on what  I can see right now…and I can see group leaders, POA’s and ministry groups being reached out to for paperwork updated and appointments for tomorrow. .

MZ: I am going to ignore all that leaked information for now because we know they are leaking a large amount of false info to keep us on our toes……I am just concentrating of what I can verify as real.

Member:  Good morning all, Judy say that we will have our 800# tomorrow, what do you guys think about that?

MZ: There is a great deal of mis-information right now being purposely sown to everyone….do not let it panic you……..makes us think we are very close.

Member:  (1) release of 1 800#s, (2) make appointments, (3) go to the BANK and exchange and (4) LET THE PARTY BEGIN !

Member:  Zimbabwe halted their stock exchange recently

Member:  everyone watch covid 19 insurgency on youtube eye opening

Member:  new video out yesterday w/new King of England he stated Nesara is part of global event to take place any time

Member:  The people wanting to cut us out of the exchange are the ones wanting to make President Trump’s administration to look bad. He needs us to help with getting the country back on track. The projects.

Member:  We really need for the arrests of cabal elite to occur before GCR.

Member: World economic forum calling for the reset again.

MZ: We are seeing it all over the place….in Asian news, in European news, In the world news, WSJ,  they are calling for and dripping info out to us so we will be ready when the Global Currency reset occurs. Then they can say “we told you- you just were not paying attention”

Member: Bank Tellers don’t know anything

MZ: if Bank Tellers were “in the know” how many of them would show up for work the day after this happens. ? Banks would not have any employees left.

Member: That’s why we exchange at redemption centers…and not with the tellers

MZ: Remember this entire thing is compartmentalized…..they do not want anyone to know what the others are doing yet.

MZ:  Be sure to watch the Mark Skidmore video…its eye-opening

Next stream is scheduled for 10AM est time Tuesday