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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ Tuesday  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good morning all. stay positive and believe

Member:  Good morning AMERICA and all the Ships at Sea, today would be a great day for an RV.


Member: Prayers for the RV to kick in today!!


MZ: There is a lot of pressure right now….things are going swimmingly well.


Member: Are you under an NDA Mark?


MZ:  No additional NDA for me but, I am being asked not to share specifics to compromise individuals?? Yes. I am honoring that request right now.


Member: GM everyone. Mark what happened to the contracts. Did they get paid?


Member: I just got confirmation that this oil contractor is gonna be paid on Thursday the 18th


Member: Someone last night asked him to touch the golden hat if he knew more than he was allowed to say, so he turned and touched the hat.


MZ: We are getting a strange combination of chatter then no chatter. There is an interesting news cycle going on in Iraq. I continue to get information that in Iraq they are preparing for the imminent release. I don’t know the timing tut they are very confident that it is “days and not weeks” especially since they moving forward at the CBI.


Member: What’s the point in keeping the lid on information when nothing ever happens?


MZ: I expect we will get all kinds of confusing news –back and forth so we can’t pick the exact day or hour. This is on purpose and is a necessary evil whether we like it or not. Otherwise the large companies like Blackrock or individuals like George Soros drop millions into the currency and capitalize on it. So they keep it confused on purpose


MZ: I am also hearing positive news from groups …but I don’t have any splid specifics I can share on that. I was told to get any of my paperwork completed, in case I had any changes….. in an extremely short window.  This was from an SKR I got a long time ago. But I am very excited that I was told to get my docs updated. Many others are getting the same message. I think its very exciting where we are at right now guys


Member: What is a SKR?


MZ: A safe keeping receipt that was given to folks who have already turned in their currency in groups….they were given SKR’s at that time. .


Member: Are we getting notifications this week? If we are-please touch your chin!!!


MZ: I do not know for certain if we are getting notifications this week. Is there tremendous progress and movement going on?? Yes.  Is there contractors with some rates?? Yes..  Do I know what those rates are?? No.


MZ: Can I tell you that at this point it is believed to be extremely close?? Yes. But I do not know the exact timing yet. I can tell you there has been tremendous progress and I am excited.


MZ: I am literally waiting moment to moment to get that call to let me know “it’s time” !!! There has been fantastic news.


Member: Can you tell us who the contractors are?


MZ: People that work ….they build things like oil rigs, power plants, water processing, Most contrators there work for large multi -national corporations that have been brought into Iraq to work on infrastructure. .


Member: shouldnt rv happen before nesara or about the same time?


Member: Nesara is already being rolled out … slowly. Hundreds have reported their mortgages, credit cards, cars, etc., paid off.


Member: Mark, with NESARA, doesnt the 87K IRS agents get consumed by UST and become basically concierge`s?


Member: Isn’t Congress on vacation in August?


Member: If we were lucky…it would be a permanent vacation….and good riddance.


Member: Heard congress is staying in session to avoid ar*es*, since they cannot have that happen while they are in session. Does this affect the timing?


Member: “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.”- H.L. Mencken


Member: I heard with this administration now- we will have to pay taxes on our exchange.


Member: One dinar guru site said we could pay up to 50% in taxes. Especially us here in Commiefornia.


Member: I heard there may be a 37% tax off the top.


Member: that makes no sense if we get taxed. that means no nesara gesara. Think


Member: if Iraq goes first and alone…..yes we can expect to pay taxes….imo …If we go with the GCR/QFS….I am still hearing no taxes…they are already built prepaid into our rates?  Guess we won’t know for sure until we are at our appointments.


MZ: I am still hearing no taxes….if there are taxes…that would mean the deep state won and there will be no QFS system…. We are supposed to have Nesara and no taxes……


Member: Remember everyone that BRICS members are now asset backed and with all the new countries joining BRICS about half the world will be asset backed shortly…….i do not think the deep state is going to win.


Member: Will we get the email link from Dinar Recaps for our exchange?


MZ: it could be from DR or Intel Chronicles…..or if you bought currency from a licensed dealer that has your email…it could come from them as well. Some of you may get many notifications.


MZ: Before I forget- Hospice is helping Okie right now. He may make it 10 years…he may make it only days… please remember him in your prayers. He deeply appreciates all your prayers. Okie has a huge heart and really wants us all to come together with no infighting and to help humanity. He wants us to focus on doing good as we cross the finish line…..that would be the greatest gift we could give him .


Member: Praying for Okie every day for healing and recovery.


Member: Lets meditate to manifest a whole new world where truth freedom and health reign!


Member: Thank you to all mods on here , you do an amazing job and we all appreciate you


Member: Thanks for all you do, Mark! We appreciate your efforts and the wealth of information you share!

Dr. Rich joins the stream at the end…Please listen to the replay for all of his information.



The next stream is tonight at 7 pm est….unless.

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