MarkZ “Coffee With MarkZ” Tuesday Morning Chat

Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Tuesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: A Wonderfully Great Golden Blessed Morning MarkZ, Mods And To All The Great Wonderful Patriots In The Room


MZ: Some news out today “ Missouri Senate votes to end income taxes on gold and silver. Hold monetary metals in reserve”  This is a couple weeks old but it’s important for me to point out that even the states know it’s coming. Most states have made provisions and are holding some of their reserves in metals. They need to be physical metals held with no taxes on it. They are laying the groundwork for following the constitution


MZ: “Iraq’s exposure to US securities surpassed 40 Billion in Dec of 2022” What does this mean?  When you look at the other countries holding US treasuries….If they decide to dump them…they would crash the system… may start seeing many articles about this.


MZ: The Iraq. budget is supposed to hit parliament next week. They do not need the budget to Revalue. They didn’t have a budget yet when they revalued to 1300. Its something for us to watch because all excuses will be off the table at that point.


MZ: The banking side is still extremely excited about late afternoon  to overnight tonight for things to move forward and money to be released…..I am watching it very closely… people are watching it very closely.


MZ: A number of  the bond folks say they can see money in their accounts and are just waiting for the release. They are excited. Just stay calm and try not to do the roller coaster.


MZ: I believe this is the closest we have ever been.


Member: So bond folks are getting spendable funds?


MZ: They are expecting them late today or early into the wee hours. A number of them have commented that they can see their funds. .


Member: yesterday it was stay calm we are so close, today is the budget is next week. I guess roller coasters are not my cup of tea.


Member: Frank said they already know budget and rate not a big deal


Member: Well the budget needs a rate. A serious rate.


Member: Isnt the Hydrocarbon law (HCL) a key prerequisite before the RV?


MZ” We hear it will be wrapped up and done before the budget is introduced to parliament.


Member: So whats new with the Zim rate?


MZ: Still hearing between 30 million and 50 million per one 100T note.


Member: Anythng about dong?


MZ: Everyone one of my sources agree that the dong will be revaluing as well….The dong is prepared to go…..There are a number of SKR’s issued for a number of extremely high level groups who have aggregated dong as well as dinar……Some groups have aggregated zim as well….These high level people in banking institutions would not have collected these currencies into groups unless they believed it was going to revalue……the dong will not go before the dinar.


MZ: The dinar could possibly go before everyone else….but right now it looks like they are all going at once….including the dong


Member: Anything new with CMKX.


MZ: There is a possibility of deliveries at the end of this week .. . for settlements….we shall see.


Member: Sounds to me like Tier-3 automatically/immediately releases 4. Kool!!


Member: Any update on Iran Rial


Member: The rial may not be in the first basket anymore…


Member:  Dow down 400+


Member: I still hear Tier 4b is to get their notifications, before the other 3 tiers can have liquid funds.


Member: Bond folk are waiting for Tier 4 to get paid


MZ: That would make sense based on all the chatter we are hearing…….it is a Friday going into a weekend….this would not surprise me.


Member: Have you heard rumors of bank bailins taking our money?


MZ: There are always rumors of the possibilities of that.  Most of my sources agree that if there were bailins…that we would get the funds back….and it would force the reset to sound money. Most people do not have enough money in the banks for that to be an issue. Bankers agree that anyone with over $200,00 in the banks could be at risk for bail ins.


Member: The moment people start the panic sprint to the bank for cash.. our wakey wakey begins on a mass scale


Member: feels like another groundhog day today


MZ: This entire journey feels like a groundhog day.


Member: We were told that the new republic would mean that we had a new Govt and a lot less liars involved in our Govt. Havent seen that happen yet. We were told that the new republic was in effect but ????


Member: The swamp is deep and is worldwide. They are fighting back and taking many souls with them.


Member: Mark, I can’t imagine how irritating it is for you to have to say the same thing day after day and taking nothing but abuse. God bless your sainthood.


Member:  I’m tired of being laughed at… because of all the can kicking!!!


MZ: I don’think there is any can kicking…I think they have started the process.


Member: Maybe we are reliving April fools day instead of Groundhog day?  We all have loved ones who think we are fools.


Member: I do not tell anyone anything about this anymore….very rired of people thinking I am crazy,.


Member: They all though Noah was crazy until the rain started.




Member: Thank you Mark and Mods….and thank you PDK for doing notes every day. So many of us work and can hardly find time to listen to 11 calls a week……you are a God send!!




Mod:  MarkZ “Back To Basics” Pre-Recorded Call” for Newbies 10-19-2022 )