MarkZ Coffee With MarkZ Tuesday Morning Chat

Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Tuesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member:  Happy Tuesday all and blessings !!!!!


Member: Taco Tuesday, Terrific Tuesday, RV Tuesday??????


Member: All Aboard !!!! The Golden Egg Express will soon be departing.


MZ: Article: “Iraq is moving to prepare special documents fir joining the WTO”  (World Trade organization)   There is something pretty important about joining the WTO….you need a real currency…an internationally accepted and recognized currency to join the WTO. You cannot have a currency with restrictions on it. You cannot have a currency with no value on it.


MZ: they are giving us all the signs we need to see that this RV thing is getting close.


MZ: Also, In the corruption clean up….” Al Sadr demands Al Maliki to quit politics and surrender: He threatened to kill me”   This is one of the things I was told to look for. Along with more peace accords and more people being held responsible for corruption. This is what I was told to look for in the final days.


MZ: Other than that it has been quiet on the RV news front. Redemption folks are just on “stand by” and working their day jobs…which is wealth management at the banks. No idea on timing…I just keep hearin it is soon.


MZ: Most of my people indicate Wed or Thurs of this week is the goal they hope to reach. I think there are a lot of balls in the air as they try to juggle everything right now…..


MZ: So not a nothing burger….just not a whole lot of meat for you. .


Member: MarkZ, Instead Of A “Nothing” Burger, Can We Please Have The “Wish” Burger? That’s A Plain Bun & We “Wish” We Had Something To Put In It


Member: Seriously Mark, Why don’t the RC’s (redemption centers) use this time to bring in 4b folks to count and verify currency, do background checks ect….so that piece could be completed. Wouldn’t that streamline the entire process if we also walk in with SKR’s???


MZ: I have presented that question many times because for most of us we would be very relieved to know that things are above board and things are counted and verified……I am told that they are concerned that this would lead to a mass purchase of currencies … thought is why don’t they have them sign an NDA….so if you choose to do that ….there is no way you would be allowed to double dip ect….they are afraid  all of your family and friends would rush to purchase currency ect……personally I like the idea- they could just freeze currency purchases on all involved. .


Member: Also the bank employees would purchase currency and then quit as soon as it RV’s…..that would be a big problem.


Member:  Did anyone watch Frank26 last night. Holy cow it is close


Member:  if iraq goes this week or next will it be alone? if not is this start of nesara gesara


Member: I don’t believe anyone knows the answer to that yet…..


Member: I wonder if we are we waiting for the Iraq Government to be announced and seated, or has this happened and we are just waiting for the announcement? Hearing they won’t announce until Thursday.


Member: World leaders are falling left and right!!


MZ: So many are already gone…….


Member: if the Saudis announce the are joining BRICS, that makes 2/3s of the worlds population  would be on an asset backed currency…..


MZ: Exactly- You are getting it…..For those that don’t know. Putin is in Iran today working on them joining BRICS.


Member: Since Iraq shares many joint oilfields with Iran and Kuwait….i expect Iraq to join BRICS as well….that would guarantee the RV release – imo.  I expect to see that announcement at any time.


Member: Did you listen to the recording anyone of the construction team from Iraq here to buy huge # of modular homes saying they would pay 2nd half after RV of $5.81


Member: I thought something big militarily was to take place on or around the 16th – this constant up and down when it comes to our safety and preparation is exhausting


Member: Christine LaGarde IS ANNOUNCING Gold Backed Currency on THURS 7/21….so we have heard.


Member: Question Mark, last night you mentioned that 1 100T Zim would value at 30 Mill. What if you only have 1 note, and have a project, would you get 30 mill personal and then a value for your project?


Member: That’s the rumor!


Member: I hope there still going to be a pre-approved list of Humanitarian projects available to choose from for Zim holders!


Member: ok do we need a trust and ein# keep hearing different stories. Yes you do no you don’t. which is it???



Member: You do not need them, you can get them after appointment


Member: you do not need an EIN or a trust. Would be good, perhaps to have a trust, but said over and over you don’t NEED one. They will set one up at apt.


Member: If WF is the lead bank for exchanges….Why did they choose WF? I thought it was a cabal bank?


Member: I believe they chose Wells Fargo because they are huge and are in every state. They already have the buildings and technology the accommodate the masses


Member: If there is only 30 days to exchange…will we all get through exchanging in time?


Member: If there are roughly 500,000 currency holders worldwide, and around 200,000 are in the states….. AND the redemption center will be within 50 miles of us…. We will easily get through in a day or two.




Member: How do we know we are getting the best/highest rate when we exchange?


Member: You can have the Bank/Redemption Center sign a form stating that they are giving you the best rate. That will hold their feet to the fire.


Toward the end Mark talks about projects, a Q&A for newbys, and making sure we have the best rate…..please listen to the replay for all this information.


Member:  Happy(ier) days are just ahead FAITH


Member:  We are already blessed beyond our wildest dreams! The RV will allow us to help others manifest theirs!


The next stream is tonight at 7 pm est….unless.