MarkZ Evening Chat

Thursday Evening News with MarkZ 12/08/2022


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Member: Hope everyone is doing well this evening!


MZ:  not a lot happened today…..a little Iraq news from the IMF. They are saying the GDP of Iraq is running at 8%. When the whole world is sliding into recession- Iraq is having a growth spurt.


Member: Did Iraq pass its budget today?


MZ: I heard they did not… would have delayed their legislation recess. So it looks like it won’t be passed until January. But, that does not mean they won’t Rv. In fact it may be a better time to do it while parliament is not there. 2 ministers today said they could call an emergency session if the CBI did not move forward with a rate change.


MZ: The whole world is waiting for something. The question is what?


Member: I would guess the Prime Minister talks to the CBI daily. I would not think that they fly that blind


Member: Mark- if Iraq does revalue alone –how will we exchange? Banks or redemption centers?


MZ: it will depend. If it goes at a very low rate and floats, I am told we are stuck going to banks. If it’s the NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate-$1.60?) I am told we will still use Redemption Centers.


MZ: But I am also hearing if it goes with the NEER rate that we would most likely still get a contract rate that is considerably higher…but waiting for clarification on that.


Member: Will Dinar be $1 USD to 1 Dinar Note??????


Member: Did you hear what Frank26 said about the dollar?


MZ: They are not selling that pairing right now. The dinar and the USD…. The US dollar is losing value there. They have to spend a lot more dollars now for the same amount of dinar. So that swap is officially frozen in their markets. This is huge news. They did that yesterday.


MZ: I am waiting for an update but am expecting to see the float start happening.


Member: I have some Iraqi friends whose mom flew back to Iraq for a 60 day family vacation and exchanged yesterday at a street rate of $1.52


Member: UN letter to local government here mentioned continued project funding to start again in January since they are switching to a new Quantum system.


MZ: I would like to see that one.


Member: I always thought starting the whole on a new system should start on Jan 1……just seems logical.


Member: CMKX?


MZ: Nothing new. I was reminded by a DHS contact that I will probably not hear anything until the reset and RV occurs because the payout for CMKX is 100% tied to the reset.


Member:  I wonder if Redemption centers are working this weekend??


Member: Listening to Phil say there is something that is coming in the very next several days that is imminent – again!! We’ll see


Member: markz, are we gonna have a merry Christmas,???? I sure could use some good news.


Member: This fella Phil Godlewski is saying the RV will happen before Christmas.


MZ: I believe we will….but remember nobody knows the timing.


Member: Does anyone know what possible rate to expect?


Mod:  Estimated: Dong – $3-4, Dinar – $6.00-$11.00???, Zim Bond – .50 (per million) additional for projects, Indo Rupiah $1.47, Rial – $3.30, Agro Cheques – $330,000/1 billion ******


Member: Let’s all pray that the RV appts happen this weekend… We all need this






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