MarkZ Friday Evening

Friday Evening News with MarkZ 09/23/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: A Wonderfully Great Friday Evening To MarkZ, Mods And EveryOne In The Room


Member:  Good evening Puerto Rican Mark!


MZ: They made great progress getting power to part of the island today. Hopefully we will have some back tomorrow where I am at.


MZ: Getting lots of chatter on the banking side, groups and also the bond side…… They are expecting liquidity over the weekend which means even if they get it , they can’t spend it until Monday morning.


MZ: they may be a couple days premature but I am hopeful and really think we are close.



MZ: I am being told we are in for an epic week. I hear things were supposed to kick off today. We will have to watch it and see.


MZ: It’s been very quiet out of Iraq. I hope they are as ready as the banks make it sound that they are. Because from the banking side of this…they swear this is their weekend.


MZ: Since I’m not seeing progress in Iraq I question it a little….but am still excited and think this is wrapping up towards conclusion very quickly for us….


Member: Kazemi is still in New York Supposed to be flying home today….thats why it is quiet over there.


MZ: I received lots of pictures today from you guys on lots of military movement which I find very interesting who is being called up….and where. .


MZ: I like this article today  from Zimbabwe news “  Zimbabwe is ready to dump the US dollar-From the President of Zimbabwe”  I loved this quote from him. “ I am confident that very soon the Zimbabwe dollar will be the only currency operating here as hard working people gain the value for their efforts”  So by having a stable currency the Zimbabwe people will be able to enjoy all the fruits of their labor. They won’t be losing it to banks or inflation. Meaning gold backed or asset backed which will be good for the hard working people…not just the rich.


MZ: “Moscow Gold Standard could reprice gold to fair levels above $2500 dollars “ This is a good one.


MZ: Another banking story: “I stopped on my way from work at a Wells Fargo I had to wait in a special line to get cash because they were running short. They only had $100’s and $20’s….no other cash.”


Member: WOW Stock Market went down today big time!!!!


Member: Continue The Market Drop, We Need To RV


Member: you all have to remember every little thing that happens points toward financial freedom.


Member: thank you for keeping us in the loop. pray it is soon


MZ: 10 am tomorrow morning like normal!!!!!


Member: See everyone tomorrow morning….


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