MarkZ & Michael Cottrell Friday Morning Chat

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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ Friday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Is there great news on the horizon? Sure hope so. Happy FRI-YAY to all.


Member:  Good morning to one an all as we wait for that golden egg to drop.


Member:  Good morning MarkZ and everyone. NOT meaning this in a mean way but hopefully MR. C will not call in. He will be putting in codes. Although will miss his SALTY opinion.


Member: you sound happy this morning Mark, …good news for us all???


Member:  Nadar from the Middle East just posted. Good News. He says we can go to Europe in a couple of weeks and exchange our dinar.


Member: Nadar just said Europe will be start of Dinar redemption in 2 weeks


MZ: In Iraq it looks like they are moving quickly to seat their government. We have a contact at an Iraqi bank that has a location in London….they are hoping to start exchanging early next week. I am guessing Nader may be hearing something similar….I have not listened to his info yet.


MZ: There is a lot of discussion from Iraqi banks that have branches in other countries …so things are getting very, very hot. There are rumors that they may start processing people today…..but I don’t think so……Mr. C has not been paid as of yet. But, it does appear we are very, very close.


MZ: Rumors are blowing up all over about things that have started……now we need to see something physical. Somebody with actual spendable money in their pockets. But, Rumors are sure getting hot and heavy.


MZ: in Iraq big contracts from France and abroad have been restructured because the payment process is supposed to be changed ….and a change in value. They are adjusting a lot of contracts….this has already started.


Member: MilitiaMan at KTFA said the contracts  from French Oil country Total are being rewritten from USD to dinar…..that is huge news.


MZ: I have a contractor friend over in Iraq that had to renegotiate their contract because of the rate changes…… they are on a push to have it renegotiated by early next week.


MZ: This will tell you they are preparing right now for this thing to happen. I am downright excited about it. Just remember no one knows the exact timing of this. But we are seeing a “range of time” based on the contract renegotiations. They have not asked contractors to renegotiate because of rates in a very long time. Last time they asked them to renegotiate the rate was supposed to be $3.71…and that never occurred. That was well over a year ago.


Member:  more countries are putting in their applications to Join BRICS. we just need Germany to be accepted for the starting fall of the Euro. hopefully then more European countries follow soon after.



MZ: Good Article from Summit News:  “Putin blasts “Globalist”  world order as “totalitarian”  He is right


MZ: “Russia and China officially announce a new Global Reserve Currency”  More big news.




Member: Really looking forward to news that the QFS is up and running so our exchange funds will be safe.


Member: I really hope the qfs eliminates the criminals (drug dealers, mules) who somehow stay under the radar with cash transactions


Member: Any update on Maliki being arrested or not?


MZ: Nothing yet…I was hoping to have that today.


Member: Maliki arrest would be national news…I think hes still running around


MZ: I believe you are correct. But this could change quickly.


Member: Judy B report: Chinese elders did not sign contracts, black hats changed the contract, now we have to change the contract back by the 24th or all the gold will be moved and we won’t be part of reset


Member: sounds like Chinese elders are pissed


Member: Supposedly the Treasury changed the contract the elders were supposed to sign


Member: They said black hats changed contract wording, so they have a short period of time to rewrite contract to original or we will not have gold back change. It was said, now there will be arrests.





Member: remember…they said it would be confusionville….do not look this way or that..keep your eyes straight forward and keep moving : )


Member: UST IN – CEO of Chinese real estate giant #Evergrande resigns


Member:   QUESTION ******* MarkZ or Mr.C Do you know if Indonesian Rupiah and Vietnam Dong will RV at the same time as Iraqi Dinar?


Member: Any news on zim rates?


Mod: ZIM – at .30 per million, 500T = 150 million, 100T = 30 million, 50T = 15 million, 10T = 3 million, 1T = 300,000, 500B = 150,000, 50B = 15,000, 5B = 1,500 *************


Member: what is the exchange rate for the Bolivar


Mod:  BOLIVAR – at .18, 1M = $180,000, 500,000 = $90,000, 200,000 = $36,000, 50,000 = $9,000, 20,000 = $3,600 ************


Member: This has been kicked down the road so many time I now have road rash. Just saying




Member: When the Movie ends, we will see a Beautiful World waiting for us. I am sooo much looking forward to doing Great things…


Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00. Please listen to the replay for all of his opinions and information…


Member: TY, Markz, Mods and Mr C. Everyone have a Blessed Weekend. See you this evening.


The next stream is tonight at 7 pm est……unless.

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