MarkZ Monday Evening

CBI delivers report and submits budget. Evening news with MarkZ


Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Good Evening AMERICA and all the Ships at Sea, Are WE ready to RV


Member:  So, are we there yet?


Member: If they have a budget….Iraq must have a rate! maybe tomorrow is our day to start our appointments!  Truly hoping and starting to expect 800 numbers tomorrow


Member: I am thinking that Wednesday is our day!


Member: Rumors are Dinar opened at $1.20 and already floated above $3.00 on the street today. The CBI needs to announce their international rate and we should be able to make our appointments. Should be soon!


Member: One thing about it… None of us has ever been where we are right now! Treading new waters


Member: hope Mark has good news for us


MZ: What I am catching on news, rumors and chatter: This one I don’t want to share but feel I need to . I am hearing from a number of bond folks that received a percentage starting on the 4th and 5th and over the weekend. I don’t know what this means….I just know they did not receive full dollars.


MZ: The overwhelming majority expect FULL funding  around the 14t or 15th…..That is what they were told. I do not believe the RV has to wait that long.


MZ: All of my banking sources are absolutely convinced that it will happen overnight tonight and into tomorrow.  It could be accurate but it could be a little premature. But we are certainly close.


MZ: My banking side contacts are convinced this is it…..we will see if they are right.


MZ: I am also hearing from other sources that F&Ps (fines and penalties) are being updated….I have heard this from a number of unrelated sources.  I feel very good about this one.


MZ: Stay grounded ….it definitely appears we are on the edge of the precipice and getting ready to go on down to the valley of milk and honey. .


Member: Frank26 is in a Red suit tonight – RED ALERT~~ that is good!!


Member: I watched Dr. Pruitt this afternoon for the first time. Great intel on her today’s show!!!


Member: Dr Pruitt was talking about Gold Standard


Member: Dallas on PPN is saying that he thinks it is days not weeks or months


Member: Nadar posted another video a few minutes ago….. singing again!!!


MZ: Yes Nader posted and is singing again…..the first video today he posted that in Iraq they have submitted the budget to Parliament today….This is huge news.


MZ: in another video which was all in Arabic. Luckily our own Proud Arab American translated it and in a nutshell…….they are talking about how the dinar is the father of the dollar. The dinar is bigger and better than the dollar …and Iraqis need to use it.


MZ: Then today the CBI issued a Press release. “The Board of directors of the Central Bank of Iraq submits to the Prime Ministry the results of its study of the adjustment of the official exchange rate of the dinar”  We don’t know what’s in that official report…but we know it was sent to the government


MZ: There is supposed to be a team from Iraq arriving in DC Wednesday of Thursday …..


MZ: “Iran announces SEPAM system connecting Russia-Iran Banks and others in 13 countries”  this is a go around so they don’t have to use the SWIFT system


MZ: Alasdair Macleod did a great one in GoldMoney” today.  “A tale of Two Worlds”  And boy does he break it down. The war between the western world and the eastern axis. The real war is in currencies.


MZ: “Removed taxes from the purchase of gold and silver”  Even most of the US states believe that Washington have lost their minds and the Federal Reserve is on the ropes…….In this article 42 states have removed taxes from the purchase of gold and silver. This article is from 2022  and 5 more states have now joined to mot tax gold and silver ….so only a couple left that still tax it. The rest of the states have fully acknowledged that gold and silver is money. The constitution says its money… its money.


Member:  Gold projected to rise to $30,000 w/in 60 months. Silver projected to be higher than gold


Member:  I wonder where all the new American millionaires are coming from on the US Debt clock!!


Member: Turkey I being hit with many earthquakes today……


Member:  Buffalo NY got a 4.4 earthquake this morning. It hit southern Ontario too. Shook the house and the dog went crazy


Member: Is it possible that Haarp technology was used to punish Turkey as it was wanting to join BRICS?


Member: That would not surprise me….the DS is evil.


Member: Turkey told NATO to go sit on a tack and then, BOOM, Earthquake. There are no coincidences.


Member: Watched a drone flyover of damage in Turkey. Devastating. So sad.


Member: Today has been a great day energy-wise. now we need to transfer that energy to the rv. let’s go!!


Member:  If you’ve been on this rollercoaster ride, we have now gone over the top and are screaming with our hands above our heads at 100 miles an hour towards the thrilling end of our anticipated journey


Member: How many of you are dying to Mark in that golden egg shirt? Could tonight be the night? I’m thinking that will be his formal attire in the morning for our appointment announcements


Member: my fingers are crossed!!


Member: See you all for coffee in the AM




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