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Monday Evening News with MarkZ 12/06/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Let’s get this RV started.

Member: TNT is saying by Dec. 15th.

MZ: That is definitely the rumor on the beltway….between the 12th and the 15th. They are adamant.

MZ: The banks are adamant it’s this week.

Member: Many gooroos  say before Christmas.

Member: I can feel it coming

MZ: So can I , but its miserable being this close and not crossing the finish line

MZ: There really hasn’t been any news this afternoon on progress…..It’s been exceptionally quiet. The DC Beltway people are expecting it between Dec 12th and the 15th.

MZ: Listening to the bankers and the whales that are still on location….they believe it will be this week. Before the weekend …..

MZ: All we can do is watch it play out.

Member: Did you hear that US banks have employees in place for exchanges starting Tuesday?

MZ: Yes…they have people in place all week this week. My people have not been told it will happen Tuesday though.

Member: Do you think we will have to live on fiat dollars for months until Nesara becomes active?

MZ: No…I think Nesara will kick in right away and we will have gold backed currency .

Member:  We need to name the debt clock to the inflation clock. We didn’t have any inflation until 1913 at the onset of the Federal Reserve act of 1913.

MZ: No kidding. Inflation is the market correcting for poor monetary policy. When you have an asset backed currency you don’t have inflation. Inflation is another tax on the poor.

Member: Frank is doing a video right now….he is wearing a bright gold suit tonight…. Frank said it meant gold…. His suit was Yellow or Gold? Looked Gold to me. So is that like the golden egg shirt?

Member: Frank has some of the best boots on the ground in Iraq…. Mark credits Frank on his Iraqi intel

Member:  how do we explain to people we help how we all of a sudden have money if we have to sign Nda

Member: I will just tell people I signed an NDA and can’t talk about where I got it.

Member: I would just say I had a good investment.

Member; What is a whale?

Member: big big big currency holders

Member: I’m curious what the Chinese Elders and the folks that wanted this done already are thinking… there’s no timing that would change their minds, is there?

Member:  I think only a handful of people know when this thing will happen and we will just be surprised one day….

MZ: Article “ China reacts to Evergrande’s imminent collapse-Economy weaker than being reported”. . I think this is the key and we are waiting for the implosion of the Chinese economy which could happen any day and will spill over from east to west and give us what we are waiting for, . .

Member: See you all in the morning…..for hopefully big news.

Member: Thank You Mark and Mods!!! Goodnight Everyone!!!

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