MarkZ Monday Evening News With MarkZ, MilitiaMan and Andy Schectman

Monday Evening News with MarkZ 02/20/2023


Special guests Militiaman and Andy Schectman


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Mod: We talk a little news then Militia Man brings the IQD news followed by MarkZ and Andy talking banking, markets, and metals.


Member: Financial news everywhere is terrible


Member: I believe the only thing that will get us out of this is Nesara


Member: Did you see all the banks halted from trading today?


MZ: Yes. 30 banks halted from trading today. It’s been a rough run for the banks today.


MZ: “Trading halted at 30 banks as market opens-NYSE halts trading at Charles Swab”  I want you to think about this. They basically told people they could not sell it…..and that is how they propped the market up today.


MZ: Here is an interesting one from London: “HSBC swoops in to rescue UK arm of Silicon Valley Bank” for one British pound. They paid one pound for the UK arm of SVB. But now they have to provide liquidity to keep them afloat.


MZ: Been quiet on the RV news today. MilitiaMan has some news to share with us tonight.


MZ: Hello MilitiaMan. And if you want to know where to find him….all the links are posted below …Take it away. Any good news for us?


MilitiaMan:  Hi Mark – thanks for having me. There is always some good news out there. One of the things that caught my eyes is a recent visit from the Ayatollah Al Sistani. He had a few words to say about the Iraqi currency. He was basically reassuring the citizens that they ccan now trade it and sell around the world with other currencies. Its funny that he refers to us as “infidels”


I know there are people with contracts that do business with the country of Iraq and are excited.


MZ: I have contractors over there that work building infrastructure and they are excited.


Militiaman: They should be….if they received a partial payment- hopefully their final payments will be competitive to what we would expect in the international world. Some of the contracts I know have a 30 day timeline and some have a 7 day timeline. I know of one with a 30 day timeline that ends about Mar 20th…a week from today. So we will see how that works.


Member: Sure is a lot of things happening around the 20th.



MZ: I have one contractor who got a partial payment on a 7 day contract.


Militiaman : The one I know got a partial payout as well. With expectation of the final payment on the 20th of March.


MZ: To me this is huge. The partial payment was NOT at the current rate of the dinar. I am confident that the numers are changing and they know what they are.


MilitiaMan: I believe that too …and they are de-dollarizing…..ending using the dollar …they are quitting multi currency practises and will only use the dinar . They have been talking about that for weeks. They were again talking about that today.


On Mar 6th they sent out messages to their citizens reminding them that their currency is going to be stronger. What they mean by “stronger” is still to be determined , and they are talking about releasing the lower notes that will mirror the denominations of other countries …and you would need a stronger dinar to warrant that. That’s a big thing.


MZ: So what do you think timing wise? We know we are getting close…we can see it.


Militiaman: As far as timelines are concerned ….we have al Sudani talking about the budget constantly…He is in the Kurdistan region today and tomorrow talking about the budget and the “oil and gas law” with the Kurds. And then he will be coming to the United States. If he is coming to the US …imo he is bringing something with him to free up a lot of money like $115 billion dollars in a development fund for oil…there will be negotiations. .I believe they will be here sometime this week it sounds like .


Militiaman : Lets see if he shows up with an exchange rate prior to that. They have approved the budget. They say there is going to be amendments to the budget….they say this is the first time they have had a budget like this. My view is it will be quick.


MZ: I’m with you on that. I think he is doing a whirlwind tour and getting ready for the release.


MilitiaMan: The way they do things with negotiations it is like a game to them…they want to win…that’s their goal…that’s their culture….All this back and forth with the Kurds and Baghdad …I think are coming to an end.


Iraq is setting the stage to come back to where she was in times past where Iraq played a pivotal role as a mediator. We saw this last week with Saudi Arabia and Iran. And today they brokered an agreement with China. And this is ahead of Sudani coming to the US. This is a fascinating thing for me to see a regional reconciliation. Having a reconciliation with all these countries is what we have been looking for since 2010. We needed to have everybody on board.


Now that they have all the electronic systems in place and clearing platforms like BUNA,AYUSCUDA (Taxes and borders)  Iso 202022, all of these things are happening at the same time with interconnectivity and communication …I think things are rock solid . I think this system is close to being ready to go.


Now that Alaq is back for a stint at the CBI- I think we can see we are at the last stage of the game.


MZ: I think you are dead on …And Sudani would not have been doing this “whirlwind tour” if he didn’t have money coming …When you are ready to make the deal….and move the money is when you dot the I’s and cross the t’s. That is what he is doing. To me its clear they are ready .


MilitiaMan I think you are exactly right. Others I know said this same thing. This is about dotting I’s and crossing t’s. and we all know so much happening with banking all over the world …


MZ: And this is a great time with countries floundering and banks floundering and have a real need for liquidity….. for revaluing the Iraqi dinar and letting it go.  A lot of countries issues  would be solved by allowing Iraq to move forward with a rate of at least $1.50…but I keep hearing …like Sudano said…they are going to return the dinar to its former glory which is over $3 something.


MZ: Many ask me if you want to make a guess of what you think rates might be.


MilitiaMan: My understanding is the IMF have the ability to go as high as  3 times the Special Drawing Rights . That is what they could do…it doesn’t mean that’s what they will do. They test systems to what the region can handle. The Real Effective Exchange rate (REER)  can be derived from many different things . They are going to come up with a rate that is strong and stable and rebuild the country.


MZ: My conractors think the bare minimum is coming out at that $1.50 range. We will see.


MilitiaMan Sudani gave the people a good example at the rate you were saying.


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Member: Love that you are so supporting of other gurus that have contacts – namely Nader, Texas snake, and Malitiaman, etc. Truly a strong community!


Member: Hey militia man love your videos


Member: Hello militia man you are a great guy thank you and God Bless you and yours


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Member: A friend who is a manager of bank personnel recieved an internal memo that 20 banks  are at 80 % risk give or take.


MZ: That sounds about right.


Member: I was at the bank today in Edmonton, Canada. Teller said going live next week. Here the platform is called 360 she said.


Member:  My friend’s brother works at First Republic in Century City, CA as a wealth manager and they were working all weekend. Had big meeting on Sunday at 10:30 am.


Member: Frank 26 said Firefly (in Iraq) told him they were told last week they would be able to exchange their 3 zero notes soon and would be told about the process on how to do that shortly.


Andy Schectman also joins the stream tonight from Miles Franklin. Please listen to the replay for his information




Member: Sweet dreams, Patriots! Thank you Mark , MilitiaMan and Andy!




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