MarkZ & Mr Cottrell Thursday Morning Chat

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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Thursday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Mr. C on a Thursday? Hope it’s great news!!


Member: Mark will be traveling tomorrow so is having Mr. C on today. He mentioned it yesterday.


Member:  Good morning all! Hey let’s stay grounded. We’ve been teased before. But I’m hoping this all plays out the way mark is saying.


Member: MarkZ I am with you the Iraq citizens will benefit first with the new IQD rate.and the rest will follow. It will still be a week or so before it’s our turn after the Iraqi people.


Member:  The celebration in Iraq is being played off as people rising up to be heard. People coming forth saying they are celebrating not rebelling


MZ: (Showing a video) This is what’s going on… they look like they are rioting???  No, they look pretty excited about all the changes. We are getting more and more stories from Iraq that they are moving forward quickly.


MZ: The latest rumor I have (consider it just a rumor) I have not been able to confirm yet….but the rumor is the rate is $3.28 US on the streets there right now……I do not know if this is accurate as we watch this play out. The dinar for oil program should net us more…..we are definitely keeping our eyes on it.


MZ: By the time Kuwait hit this point, the point where we found out about it with a solid trading on forex was 10 days…I do not think it will take that long for Iraq. Things appear to be moving at a compressed pace right now. …….


MZ: I do not have an update on redemption centers yet…..was hoping I would have had one by now for you…..If they are working this weekend we have clues as to timing……


MZ: I was getting confirmations from bankers as they were positioning the final tier 3 assets yesterday. Now we need to watch it play out…..everybody stay calm as we are approaching the finish line.


Member: Will we get a better rate at the redemption centers?


MZ: I absolutely believe we get better rates at the redemption centers. No part of me doubts that.


Member: Will Nesara happen at the same time as our exchanges?


MZ: yes…that is what I am told ..and what I expect to see play out. But nobody knows 100% the timing and how everything rolls out……I believe all intel providers will find out they were right on some things and wrong on others…including myself.


Member:  have you heard there r 200 counties on Gold backed currencies?? per Charlie Ward.


Member: I pray he is right


Member: I wonder how close is Saudi Arabia to joining BRICS nations “officially”. I believe that to be the trigger for the economic collapse in the states. Bond markets will collapse


Member: if Iraq goes alone right now at a $ 1.60 rate…..the rate will float quickly …..I bet it will cause the rest of the world to hurry up and go as well so as not to be left behind……come on Iraq!!!


Member: Where does someone go to redeem just Dong? New at this! Any bank? Trying to get prepared


Member: Same as any currency…..Redemption centers and banks.We wont know for sure until we get the exchange instructions.


Member: Will local banks become our Redemption Center’s, or they Special Facilities?


Member: Mark has said many times it will depend on your area……most people in the US will be within 50 miles of a redemption center unless you live in sparsely populated areas. . Some centers will be separate buildings…some offices in banks….some may be on military bases…..depending on where you live.


Member: Breaking: US economy officially in recession.


MZ: Article: “Iran to start accepting Russian Mir payment cards soon-official”   Things are getting interesting as they are creating a parallel economy to go around the Federal Reserve Banking system and the western central banking system.


Member: How do we protect our money when FDIC only insures deposits up to 250k?


Member: We hear the QFS will keep our money safe……praying that is true.


Member: If we are this close to the RV and Nesara…we must be close to seeing arrests and perp walks.


Member: I am stunned at the level of the sleepers who actually refuse to look at proofs and hang on to the narrative instead. I think their minds will explode in the near future.


Member: Those people are not asleep- they are in a coma……will never wake up…very sad.


Member: The last two nights I have had a total of 6 EBS test alerts to my phone.


Member: Are you still wearing the golden egg shirt when yu announce the RV?


MZ: Yes…..this shirt is go for launch….(he holds up the shirt) This shirt and the golden hat will travel with me on my work trip…..Hopefully I get to announce it before I leave tomorrow morning….lol.


Member: So Chas is going on vacation tomorrow and you wont be around either….hmmmmmm lol


Member: While you are traveling for 2 weeks- how will your podcasts be?


MZ: They will be like normal except tomorrow when Im traveling…Tomorrow I will air a recorded show with Trade Genius……. Traveling I will be taking everything with me……


Member: Please keep the people in the Philippines in your prayers..they had a devastating earthquake in the northern part of the region. Many centuries old structures destroyed and people hurt


Member: Thank you all for joining today and have a Blessed day.Thank you MarkZ and Mods


Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00…please listen to the replay for all of his information.


The next stream is tonight at 7 pm est…..unless.

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