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[via PDK]  …we are watching exactly what I was told to look for years ago…the crazy back and forth news on values This weakening of the dinar could be them trying to get more dinar off the streets before coming out with a float. We are trying to make heads or tails out of all of this because we are also seeing on some foreign currency exchanges some crazy values on the dinar…where its worth $6-$7 dollars…to $4 dollars…but nobody is trading it…and we are seeing those rates and fluctuations…on several kinds of currencies…not just Iraq. …I think they are priming us for value changes…and more than one. This makes me feel a little more warm and fuzzy that maybe Iraq won’t be going alone? They have not changed values yet and we cannot go exchange yet…there is still possibilities of a float…  [post 2 of 2]