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Saturday News with MarkZ 08/06/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: GM to all….Praying this is our weekend. Discernment is everything. The LIES are abundant out there. Stay safe all.


Member: let’s get this rv started!!!


MZ: We do have some news this morning….even though the redemption centers are quiet


MZ: From Iraq: “Al-Amiri waits ..and the leaders of the movement: There is no meeting until after these conditions”     the important part in this article is they are meeting around the clock now….the leaders are meeting at their own homes to pound this out. I think that is pretty important.


MZ: Even more important….and my finance minister contacts have been telling me this as well from the last few months…..Mt. Goat picked up on this as well:


From Dinar Guru:  … Mnt Goat  Article:  “ECONOMICALLY AND PARLIAMENTARIAN” ..THE LAW: THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE DOLLAR WILL SEE THE LIGHT IN THE NEXT STAGE”  Quote:  “State of Law Representative Jassem al-Moussawi confirmed…Wednesday, that the chances of the coordination framework within the parliament have become very strong, and this qualifies him to change the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar,”   No! It does not qualify parliament to change the exchange rate. We have gotten multiple articles from the CBI and Finance Committee that they alone have the power to change the exchange rate. Now having said this parliament can surely put pressure on them to act but have control of parliament does not “qualify them to do anything when it comes to currency reform”.


MZ: We do not have to see them set the government….we just need to see them making progress so the Minister of finance and CBI have the confidence to move forward. That’s why all the meetings in the last 36 hours are so important.


MZ: the conversation on the streets is about the rate change and there is more talk from Kazemi and friends regarding the change of that rate.


MZ: So I do believe we are right here at the cusp of this thing happening. We are pushing toward the finish line. This is indeed historic as we watch this all play out. We are measurably closer then we have ever been in this journey.


Member: For Koukla and Okie. Got my candle going this morning. Dear GOD; please soothe and comfort those who are in great need and help us all, help them.


Member: Prayers for Okie and Frank26 for healing…….God Bless




Member: Really hope you have to do an emergency stream this weekend wearing that gold shirt and hat!!!


The CBD Gurus join the stream at the end. Please listen to replay for all of their information….


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.


The next stream is Monday at 10Am est……..unless.

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