MarkZ Thursday Evening News

Thursday Evening News with MarkZ 09/08/2022


Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member:  This month should be huge news!! Stay alert!!


Member: Watch for 9/11 info coming out


Member: If the first domino has fallen, hopefully now comes some great news!


MZ: The news is all over the place today. I am being told from many sources in the Reno area that the cascade of events and dominos have stared with the Queens death . It will probably be tomorrow before we get any solid ideas of what to expect. Everybody is still digesting all the news out today.


MZ: Prince Charles automatically becomes the King now upon the Queens death …So England has a King now. .


MZ: We hope by tomorrow morning we have a much better feel for what’s going on in the world. In the European markets they are bracing for a potentially horrendous crash that could happen at any moment…a few weeks at the very most .


MZ: it is getting to the “now or never” point for our reset and revaluations.


MZ: I have not heard anything out of redemption centers yet….


MZ: The big news today of course is the death of the Queen. So many people are telling me this is our “trigger” event. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have some clarity.


Member: Seems like a lot of people thinks that the Queens event starts something.


Member: Good evening folks, wasn’t the Queen the marker event for the financial event to start?


Member: Is this the big event that will start rv??


Member: I watched a documentary saying this is Operation London Bridge – her death causes a lot of ripples in power structures throughout world


Member: Well I guess we’ll see if rumors and speculations hold any weight!


Member: If this is the start of the 10 days of darkness …..that would end on 9/18


Member: They’ll have the traditional 10 days of mourning, yes. Funeral probably in 12 days. State event.


Member: Are the 10 days of mourning the same as the 10 days of darkness?


MZ: I think they have started myself.


Member: The queen’s death announced 1776 days for the first cue post! Can’t make this shit up!


Member: I read Britain will be printing all new money without queen Elizabeth on it…Could they be getting gold/asset backed currency???


Member: I think they cannot release any more money with Queen’s head on it. Helps to remove fiat?


MZ: In other world news: “ Saudi Riyad bank to issue riyal denominated tier 1 capital sukuk”  I think this is something to watch.


MZ: “CEO in Europe sounds the alarm. Heading into banking crisis, collapse of industry, housholds, economies –weeks away!” The news out of Europe is seriously about a doomsday apocalyptic collapse of their finances….. The need for the RV is NOW!!!!!


MZ: “Antwerp mayor blasts “Green Dogmatics” admits “Bankrupt Belgium” is the “new Greece”. He says this is a catastrophe…Belgium is bankrupt.


MZ: “We’ve lost nothing” Putin warns western elites : “Sanction Fever” will see European people freeze!” This one came out today. Financially Russia has been improving in spite of sanctions and their power among many world leaders has grown. The European people are being told because of sanctions and their leaders they have huge prices and no gas to heat their homes. They are angry and rising up.


Member: Now the big world event has happened. the RV, Nesara Gesara our 1-800 number are coming soon.


Member: Thanks Mark and mods….Later everybody ! let’s get these 10 days of DARKNESS over with already !!!


Member: Have a great evening everyone blessings to all


MZ: At 9 est this evening I will be in a round table on PPN (Patriot Party News)  on Rumble. Join us if you can




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