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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ Thursday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: let’s hope today is Christmas in July?

Member:  can’t wait to see what today brings. do you think it will be another boom?

MZ:  on the RV front it is still very quiet. That is not bad news right now. I am being told to watch it play out. There is a lot happening this week.

MZ: They are putting the food and security law into effect in Iraq. We are told this is a big piece. May have HCL law and rates in it…..I will believe it when I see it 100% and on the streets….but it is very encouraging. As of this morning in Iraq the rate has not changed yet. I have spoken with folks on the ground in the country … new rate yet.  Are they extremely hopeful for soon?  Heck yes.

Member: Will Iraq go by itself or with the other currencies? . Is the Rodrigues trust from the Philippines? We heard the Chinese foreign minister say to the Philippines president  “We are entering the golden era”

MZ: I believe it will be going with other currencies…..We had heard the Philippines gold was stolen but that it will be returned as part of the reset. That doesn’t surprise me.

Member: Frank26 believes the Dinar is going to float when it changes.

Member: Frank’s two sources on the ground in Iraq confirmed the story in the Gazette about the FSL.

Member: Regarding CMKX and Prosperity Packages…are they in Tier 4B too OR are they a different tier prior?

Member: I believe they are in tier 3……not tier 4.

Member: Where are the whales now?

MZ: Going back and forth. Many have friends keeping tabs on things….or have signed powers of attorneys  so if they are not there, One of their people can execute transactions for them.

Member: Wolverine said yesterday that he knows people that got bonds paid out. He was crying

Member: Ed of Ocala said the same and that we are next…..

Member: Wow I just heard that Boris Johnson resigned.

MZ: We heard he will name a replacement to take over until elections occur in Oct.

Member: t is a lengthy process to elect a new leader of the Conservative Party. When that is done, that person will be the new PM. That’s how the UK system works.

Member: 55 members of Johnsons government have also resigned.

MZ: This is beyond interesting.

Member: London Bridge has fallen. Everything starts at the UK. then the New York Stock Exchange.

Member: So much happening around the world……exciting RV stuff??

Member: You are all mixing up the RV and Nesara/Gesara – two entirely different things. All this stuff going on in the world today is more related to N/G than it is to RV.

Member: Yes- World leaders resigning per GESARA!!!

Member: Gm folks…it is absolute cabal chaos out there right now and I love it!!!

Member: Strange July, strange July from Kim Clement… interesting to see what the rest of this month brings.

Member: with a lot of those things going on, I think this week is still looking good for us!

Member: I’m new here…So what is the difference between the RV and Nesara?

Member: The RV stands for Revaluation of currencies. Re-Valuation. Pertaining to currencies…..Nesara is a law…..a  bunch of wonderful things to happen… can google it….Things like abolish the IRS, no income taxes…….new elections…relase new technologies…….Nesara is the US….Gesara is International.

Member: If NESARA/RV/QFS will provide financial stability, why does everyone say you need gold/silver for financial security? It makes sense from an investment perspective, but not an asset protection one.

Member: Guess we will find out when it happens……I believe we need the gold and silver during the change from fiat…. to possibly survive while the markets collapse….

Member: I think its Checkmate or end game for the cabal right now

Member:  Heard the best description of what’s going on: 2 chess players, moves made putting 1 in checkmate looking at the other player knowing the 7 moves left. The loser playing knowing they have lost!!

Member: And we can build this dream together (manifest). Standing strong together (united) Nothing’s gonna stop us now…

Member:  Mark Huge thanks as always for bringing us all the latest news & RV updates & answering the community’s questions.

Andy from Miles Franklin joins the stream at the end for those who are interested what is going on with gold.


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.

The next stream is tonight at 7 pm est…….unless.




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