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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Thursday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Praying today is our day!


Member: Praying the rest of the world is tired of waiting on Iraq and really does something this time. If Iraq gets left behind in the reset…I bet they do something quick to catch up!


MZ: There is a mad competition going on between getting this finished …the bankers are scrambling to get it done before system implodes.  Bank of England is buying whatever bonds it needs to float it…but it is temporary. For some reason the collapse caught them off guard. We are sitting on the razors edge. On that tightrope as there is a mad scramble to get things finished.


MZ: More and more folks on the banking side that have leaked information about new notes that are already printed and they are moving them . This is so exciting where we are at.


Member: so what is your thinking on everything going without the dinar?


MZ: it makes sense to me. If the world can’t wait for Iraq to have their I’s dotted and t’s crossed…it would make sense to me to go without them. World leaders are given a choice here between a compete implosion with millions of protestors taking to the streets with civil unrest and them storming capital buildings with pitch forks and torches…probably hanging public officials from the gallows all over the world… I would think this is a real possibility. I don’t think they can afford to wait for any laggards at this point. They may not have a choice….they can no longer kick the can….imo


MZ: in Europe even my very liberal friends are ready to take to the streets. It is a tinderbox and the world is waiting on that spark to set it off.


MZ: I am prepared either way. I expect all trading and purchasing of most of those currencies to be frozen within days at this point.


Member: .  They just need to get up their butt and release this already….


Member: if iraq waits and the rest of the world goes….will we still get an 800# and then go to two different appontments?


MZ: I would assume so….but we do not know. We can speculate and it would make sense for redemption centers to be open for both exchanges. It would just cause some logistics issues that they would have to work through.


MZ: The rumors in the banking world are if the rest of the world goes without Iraq….The dinar would go within two weeks of everyone else…..that is the rumor. What would make the most sense is everyone goes at one time…but you need to be prepared for the possibility of two exchanges.


Member: Not much has made sense when it comes to this whole thing…lol…..Expect the best but prepare for the worst.


MZ: I was told from some amazing sources that Iraq’s goal was to have this all done in July….but there was major hiccups and the rest of the world that have signed on to the Gold Treaty are very frustrated with them.  Maybe this rumor was spread on purpose that the world was going to go without Iraq to get Iraq to get their s*** together and motivate them to get it done???? Iraq could be saying ”Oh crap-we will be left behind….the rest of the world will have prosperity without us…our people will be really ticked at us…we better get it going???”


MZ: I wonder if the world is firing a warning shot at Iraq ….that makes sense to me. A carrot and a stick. Either way to me is so exciting.


Member: Wouldn’t Iraq lose a lot of money going after everyone else RV’s?


MZ: possibly…..that why this may be a motivation for them. Everything seems to be lined up.


Member: Maybe if the world goes first and the dinar goes later….we will get SKR’s (safe keeping receipts) for our dinar so there would only be one exchange appointment??



MZ: it could be. It could absolutely happen that way. That also would make sense. If there is only one chance to exchange that may be a requirement with the dinar… get an SKR for dinar when we exchange the other currencies . it would not surprise me at all if they did that.


Member: What rate are you still hearing the Dinar will RV at? $4 still?


MZ: I am hearing from almost all of my banking sources telling me repeatedly that the values/rates I had anticipated are very low compared to what they actually are. This is a great thing for us. I am excited about that but will continue to think on the lower side and be surprised if the rates are higher.


Member: If the rates are any higher that you’ve estimated, there will just be more to give to help those in need!!


Member: if $2.25 is low on the dong…..I am thrilled…


Member: Mark Charlie and Judy said Iraq already has rate and are exchanging? What say you?


Member: Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes said they wont be able to say when the in tier 1 get paid but we will know because they will say they started their humanitarian projects. Mr C may have a NDA as wellsoon


Member: Multiple reports  from diverse sources say that IQD is trading at THE NEW RATE overseas and on forex.   What is that rate and why has it not made it here yet? Something is fishy.


MZ: In Kuwait it took 10 days before the RV traded here in the US at a changed value……Buckle up…we are watching it play out….this is a time to find our extra patience…….


Member: Mark Frank 26 said Iraq releasing coins and small notes? He said we will have limited time on 25.000 notes


Member: Also Frank and Walkingstick said Iraqi satellite banks opening today worldwide……hmmmm


Member: What I had seen was that the Iraqi bank has opened branches in other countries, like the US, for their people to be able to bank here. Not anything about a rate change so far?


Member: Is Nader under NDA he went silent?


Member: Any news from bond folks? Did anyone get spendable cash yet.


MZ: Some had gotten small percentages to keep them at the table….but bond folks are still waiting nd no one has full release of their money that I know of… is really frustrating for them


Member: Markets were up slightly this morning, and are now falling fast. Dow -200 now…


Member: here’s a scare event .. interest rate jacked to show mafia level 300 a month whaaaa?


Member: Is safety going to be a concern when going to our appt? We won’t be leaving with cash in hand exactly so I hope not.


Member: all redemption funds will be on a debit type card, no cash given. If you need cash you can go to bank or atm afterwards.


Member: No one knows what you are doing at the bank. Not alot of RV people in the world.


Member: technically our money will be in the QFS. Your right on not coming out with a bunch of cash in hand. I’m sure they are keeping the area safe.


Member: I wonder if arrests or things are really happening behind the scenes…..sees so quiet


Member: I appreciate things going on behind the scenes and know this war is complicated, but geez it is hard not knowing what’s going on.


Member: Praying all the truth comes out very soon.


Member: Another day older and deeper in debt. How fun!!! I can’t WAIT for this sh#tshow to be over. LOL




Member: I believe it’s the most wonderful and miraculous time to be here on this planet and so excited for our future


Andy Schectman joins the stream at the end. Please listen to the replay for his opinions and information.






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