MarkZ Tuesday Morning Chat

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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Tuesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Happy Tuesday fellow hopium addicts


Member: Are we there yet?


Member: Come on Iraq just RI already


Member: Mark Zeeeee- on a scale of 1-100 , what number are you at concerning the playing field being leveled by November?


MZ: I’m at about a 99


Member: dow is tanking  DOW -636


Member: Fed to raise rates this week.


MZ: 2 pm tomorrow is when we expect them to raise the rates.


MZ: Let me officially give you the biggest nothing burger so far this week.  It has been exceptionally quiet. Its so painfully quiet there is no RV news to report at my end.


MZ: A number of groups shut down their lists last night….meaning they stopped accepting any changes to contact info now…..If anyone needs to make changes- they now have to wait until the end of the line after everyone else has been paid. They expect things are very close Banks, and Treasuries above them must be telling them it’s very close.


Member: rumor is there was an Emergency Meeting at the UN …What’s that all about? Has it anything to do with the GCR?


MZ: There are lots of meetings today and tomorrow….We know Al Kazemi is arriving from Iraq to attend meetings in New York…At some point we understand Biden is supposed to go to New York to meet with him and the New PM Liz from the UK.


Member: So they are still stalling releasing the RV?


MZ: I don’t think they are stalling.. Banks say they are prepared and ready to go when whatever the cover event happens. I don’t know what that cover event is .


Member: As if The Queen dying and millions attending her funeral wasn’t a big enough “cover event” ? Sheesh.


MZ: Are they waiting on the Fed announcement tomorrow maybe …then wait for markets to react before they pull the trigger?


Member: Maybe they are waiting for Iraq to go first…then the rest of the reset follows right behind?


Member: What is happening on Sept. 24th ?  lots of chatter?


This coming weekend Rosh hashannah is huge in the grand scheme of things, collapse of the financial system? Our notifications to exchange will then follow? exciting times


Member:  Hopefully States sign onto new Republic end of month…Rosh Hashana 25th “Out with the old, In with the new”…24th boom!!


Member: What happens if there is a major blackout on Sept 24th? How do we find anything with no electricity or internet or email?


MZ: Don’t panic. They realize that we need notices….I was told they have no intention of shutting down the internet …just social media. You will still be able to get notices.


Member: MARK Z Bank holiday coming up on October 10, Columbus Day, banks will be closed on Monday.


Member: October is only days away everybody. hold the line. it’s hard but we can do it


Member: Forget about the 24th or any other date..….Dates come and go …… it’s time for someone to take action


Member: no one knows what we’re waiting on, so take everything with a grain of salt


Member: I believe we’re in much better shape than we know


Member: Expect More Miracles Patriots


Member: Thanks everyone……See you tonight for hopefully a “something burger”


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