MarkZ …we don’t yet have the RV we want but remember the 2023 budget is not yet passed or opened and so there is still a very good chance that the CBI may still make this move to reinstate the dinar. It is still very possible and very likely.

Friday Evening News with MarkZ 02/10/2023


Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Hi Everyone and especially the man of the hour!!


Member:  How is everyone this Friday evening?


Member:  I’m praying this is a great weekend for everybody


Membeer: Are Redemption Center people on call this weekend?


MZ: Yes….and everybody is ratched up….


Member: Wolverine : I am very happy. We were hoping something would get locked in today…but it didn’t happen…but, it will happen soon.


MZ: I am hearing the same thing


MZ: “With more than 150 thousand dinars, Dollar exchange rates rise in Iraq”   They did not drop it far enough guys.


MZ: Currency sites around the globe started showing some interesting things throughout the day today.  XE is still showing the official rate …Forex is still showing the official rate …but what we started seeing in the rest of them was very interesting.


MZ: (Marks shows a screenshot from his phone) of $1 US dollar equels 737 dinar. Which would be a very substantial change. And that is just one of many sites …most are showing from 1 USD =680 dinar up to 1070…..


MZ: This doesn’t mean we can go out and exchange them …the markets are showing extreme volatility and they are trying to predict what that next step is.


MZ: We are hearing a lot of fantastic chatter in Iraq that they are expecting another move …and also hearing from more and more sources to expect a substantial move…and the big one we have been waiting for.I am getting this from many sources.


MZ: On the bond side they are still expecting full funding around the 19th…some who are pretty late in the Que are saying as late as the 24th….but I cannot find anybody hearing any later than that.  They can certainly come after we start.


MZ: Curiously enough that is the date I am hearing Nesara is to start. So I question whether they are going to notify us and bring us all in under heavy NDA’s and then flip the switch for the general public on the 24th…I don’t know but it is certainly getting exciting.


MZ: In other news: “ Russia is to remove euro and only keeps yuan and gold in National Wealth Fund”  They announced this today….they are removing the euro…and they have already removed the dollar. With only yuan and gold in their Wealth Fund…it’s a tell tale sign that China will move in lock step with them .


MZ: “The Moldovan Government quits under economic turmoil, Russian tensions”  They are bailing out.


Member:  When the RV happens-will the US dollar revalue?


Member: It should happen wiith Nesara if not just before…imo


Member: TNT said could happen this weekend to middle of the month


Member: Rich dad poor dad Robert said crash going to be at Valentine’s Day


Member: Valentines Massacre Tuesday! Total Market Crash said Robert Kawasaki and he should know!!!


MZ: I was fortunate today to make a connection that I am very excited about. Dr. Kia Pruitt . So here is a special guest this evening to tell us what she is hearing.  Hopefully she is hearing the same positive thangs that I am hearing.


Dr. Kia Pruitt: Hello Mark I am thrilled to be here today. I follow MarkZ and listen from afar…I do not have as much RV news as Mark…I focus mainly on geopolitical news….


Dr. Kia Pruitt: I have been reporting the last few days that the DOD talked about a transference…a presidential transference. …of presidential power.  That was really interesting.


MZ: It’s taking the power out of the bureaucracy …putting checks and balances on the bureaucracy during that transition…..what do you think?


Dr. Kia Pruitt:: Exactly taking the power away from the establishment and I think they are completely dismantling the United State corporation and restoring the republic.  I think they are orchestrating this like a slow demolition and doing this in a way it won’t be so destructive.


(Mark Shows document on screen)


Dr. Kia Pruitt:: After I put op that document on my video from the DOD …there are two documents. One from the Department of Defense that was effective in August and just recently updated  it Feb 3rd. Basically it is to have a smooth transition of presidential power from those going out to those going in. The changing of the guard. Based on the presidential transition acct of 1963.


Dr. Kia Pruitt:: This is very interesting and leads me to believe they are restoring the Republic.


Dr. Kia Pruitt::Also you have heard me talk about the 42 states that have repealed state taxes on gold, silver and precious metals.


MZ: 5 more have added on since then….so 47 states now. Only 3 states left to ratify that one. In the constitution….silver and gold are considered money. This is exciting to me…they know its coming.


Dr. Kia Pruitt: Yes they do.   Mark you mentioned something that is very important. Our US constitution states in article 2 section 10 that gold and silver are money. I think the states are going through passing these bills  just for the people to know this.


Member: Dr. Kia-Do you think the delay to pay the IRS in some states is the start of Nesara?


MZ: Yes in the news some states are asking people not to file yet. Maybe 5 states including California?


Dr. Kia Pruitt: 22 states now. I will send you the article…..they listed the states.  And the Republicans said when they first came back into session that the first thing they were going to do was address the IRS who are infringing on our freedoms. So they defunded the 80 billion dollars to stop them from hiring the 87 thousand IRS investigators who were  to be the police arm of the IRS  ….Thats the first thing they dod……then they made an announcement that they would be voting to completely end the IRS


MZ: I was very excited about that. .


MZ: We go at 11 am est if you want to join us to talk about these articles. I am expecting tomorrow to be pretty quiet news day…but Sunday Monday I really expect thing to heat up. into Monday Tuesday. …I will post her links in tomorrow’s stream


MZ: Be sure to watch her videos and like and share


Dr. Kia Pruitt: Good night everyone and thanks for having me here tonight.


Member: Dr. Kia Pruitt is the bomb! Thank you Mark for inviting her. You two make a great team with the info.




Member: What great info tonight…..can’t wait for tomorrows podcast….thanks everyone.




Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.




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