MarkZ Wednesday Evening Update

World News with MarkZ 08/03/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in . Hello Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!

Member:  Nader from the Mid East translated News in country telling the Iraqi people that the dinar would start to change midnight their time tonight and float.

MZ: that is the rumor…..Sadr and a number of people speaking late last evening in Iraq talked about them impending change of value and the impending government changes.

MZ: I am not personally thinking it’s this evening….but it’s highly possible though.  Most of my contacts over there think it may be within the next week for the new rate to begin. They specifically mention “Pre-Gulf War” for the rate . I am certain you will be seeing that on other dinar boards as well.

Member: There is a lot of chatter in Iraq’s local news markets that it could start as early as this evening….Just stay calm everyone …but, they are indeed that close.

Member: is this as close as we have ever been?

MZ: IMO this is the very absolute closest we have ever been

Member: What is the “Pre War Rate?_

MZ: It was about  $3.20 cents

Member: . Nadar said their going to float the rate. Maybe tonight? Please God!

Member: Nader said he thinks Iraq will go tonight, and he thinks it will float, and that they’ll have a presidency rather than another Parliament.

Member: I am trying to curb my enthusiasm but I am pretty stoked!!!

Member:  I cannot keep from grinning. There is something shifting in the atmosphere for sure!!!

Member: Ooooo if Iraq goes first then we can buy more other currencies.

Member: I still have not gotten qualification from sources if everyone is going or if Iraq is going solo…..i still think they all should be going together. But be prepared either way.

MZ: News has been overwhelming out of the Middle east today…. I was hearing similar news for about 30-40 minutes before Nader posted that video and then my email inbox exploded…….the excitement level from those on the streets of Iraq is through the roof in anticipation. Now let’s see if we cross the finish line.

Member: Nader mention the dinar may be floating?

MZ: Yes …that is expected if Iraq goes solo.. …similar to how it happened in Kuwait.  But If they go with the Gold Treaty then the rate will be fixed …none of us know exactly how it will roll out….prepare for all possibilities.

Member:  Mark, have you heard any more about tier 3?

MZ: Nothing new today from my tier 3 people yet….i usually don’t hear from them until late in the evening because of the time difference in the Reno area..…but there is sure good news from other places.

Member:  Cross my fingers, cross my toes!

Member: Any word from Sheila today

MZ: Nothing yet.

Member: Q : When Iraq goes will VND automatically go with them or no?

Member: Pimpy had a video saying Vietnam is ready for a RV

Member:  Wolverine has heard from the US Treasury and said the Whales have been called back to Reno in 48-72 hours. First to go will be German Bonds and Yellow Dragons.

Member: Got an email from great american coin, they want to buy back some currency.

Member: My local currency exchange where I’ve purchased dinar from recently just stopped selling it yesterday. Is this good or bad?

Member: We heard years ago the RV was imminent when currency dealers quit selling the currency.

Member: It must be getting hard to get…that is good news for us….imo

Member: GACC: Sell UsYour BanknotesWe Are Looking To BuyZimbabwe BanknotesVietnamese Dong Notes

Member: Will Mr.C be on this Friday?

MZL Yes, unless something happens, then we won’t see him…..and there is an excellent chance we won’t see him this week….

Member: Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’Into the future………I wanna fly like an eagle to the RV………Fly like an eagle, let my revaluation set me free

Member: Don’t know about anyone else, but I have a sense of excitement that I have not felt before. It’s not like the usual “hope” but I am feeling moved with knowing

Member: Thank you Mark and all…. have an awesome evening

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