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Wednesday Evening News 12/07/2022


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Member: Good Evening Mark and everyone!


MZ: Let’s start with some news. “ With the participation of Iraq, the Chinese President is visiting Saudi Arabia today to attend 3 summits” I think this is huge news. Clearly shows Iraq is going to the forefront of international politics.


MZ: How can a country without an international currency that can be traded all over the world…and .be a major player in world politics……they can’t. But very exciting stuff is coming for the Iraqi people.



Member: Good Evening Mark, Frank 26 reported that Iraq Depegged from the United States Dollar today


Member: Frank says Iraq has Stopped using U.S. Dollar… It’s because the Iraqi people are tired of getting ripped off at the border and in the markets when they go to exchange their own dinar with the US dollar


Member: I see IQD is up 1458.0000 . Is that good?


MZ: That means in slipped a little to the USD but the good news is it appears to have depegged from the USD which means now it can move. And it should start to move quickly in the other direction. Things are getting very interesting right now.


Member: If Iraq has stopped using USD, doesn’t that mean they need lower denom notes out to just carry on with normal life??


Member: That would make sense.


MZ: “Iraq’s theft of the century : Plotters targeted Russian and Chinese oil companies.” The positive news here is it allowed them to bring trillions of dinar back to the CBI where they can be destroyed and won’t affect the overprinting and basically increasing the value of our dinar.


MZ: Now the conversations on the streets of Iraq. In Iraq they have 2 economies….The vast majority of all trade is done with cash. Not with debit and credit cards…..Today they suspended all trading back and forth between the US dollar and the IQD pairing…..this is to prevent more sales……The press claims that due to the volatility (see article below)  ……so we see a slight blip or decrease in the exchange rate today


MZ: Why is this important?  Because it is a pegged currency. And now suddenly it has changed. And on the same day they don’t allow the trading …..I don’t think you will see an official announcement though until parliament recesses for the holiday season.


Member: Hmmm.. trading w/ USD stopped.. INTERESTING


MZ: I want to remind you that the CBI does not need parliament in session to change the value. This is one of the signs that we are unpegging and moving forward to see a substantial value change that we have been anticipating. I think we got that “tell” right on time today. I believe it has hit us.


MZ: I can tell you that you would have a difficult time finding an Iraqi willing to give up their dinar right now.


Member: Sounds like it’s almost show time


MZ: We appear to be close to the finish line……I can only imagine what the dinar boards are going to look like over the next week. Be careful of misinformation…….be sure to do your due diligence. We knew it would get crazy at the end…..and the news is getting crazy. Things are exceptionally positive right now and we are seeing real movement –especially in Iraq.


MZ: fo people who ask why we talk so much about Iraq. It is the biggest cog in the GCR machine and the easiest one to track.  Basic logic.


Member: I was told the rate does not need the budget…..but the budget needs the rate…..


MZ: I did have some interesting news on historic bond sales in the US today. This confirmed my opinion that it is a “Re-seller” picking up bonds to resell later. They are buying them for a fraction of what they anticipate they can get for them later on. So here in the states there is pre-emptive buying  of bonds to resell them later when the trigger is pulled…..that is why we have not seen the same movement in Europe and Asia. .


Member: Mark, Charlie Ward talked to the QFS people today and all they told him is they are blacked out until it’s time to go.


Member: All my sources say this will be over soon


MZ: “Belgium’s national bank records the first loss since World War Two” We are seeing this from a number of central banks including the UK.  The implosion is so close.


MZ: “China confirms it is “mystery” massive gold buyer with first official purchase in 3 years” They bought some 300 tons of gold


MZ: “Mongolia central bank is ramping up gold purchases”   Look at that and on the same day….very interesting.


Member: Bank of international settlement in Switzerland missing $80trillion…


Member: I hope we at least see arrests from that huge theft.


Member: It is time for our Politicians to go home for the holidays. This means that the Military can get serious about making arrests. The military has not been going into Washington D.C. to make arrests.


Member: Sure hope so.


Member: Evening Mark Thanks as always for all you bring to this community.


Member: may you live may you love, may all your dreams come troo ooo


We got this. Just a day at a time, one step here then another. Focus on positive Christmas things, family, friends, personal goals.




Local money changers stop buying and selling the dollar in Iraq


A source said, today, Wednesday, that the sale and purchase of the dollar in the Iraqi local money exchanges has stopped.The source told (Iraqi Media News Agency / INA) that “the local money changers have stopped buying and selling the dollar, due to the instability of the dollar’s exchange rates on the Iraqi stock market.”It is noteworthy that the selling prices of the dollar were recorded yesterday, 149,600 dinars per 100 dollars, while the buying prices of the dollar were recorded at 149,500 dinars per 100 dollars.Today, the selling prices of the dollar were recorded at 150,400 dinars per 100 dollars, while the buying prices of the dollar were recorded at 150,250 dinars per 100 dollars. link


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