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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member:  Good morning, all. We are one day closer to RVing!


Member: Mark seems like things were really moving the End of June and now its so quiet…..hard to understand how full speed to nothing..?


Member: HI MARK… I know why the RV hasn’t manifested yet… We need to collectively say, “NOW!” instead of “TOMORROW”. “The RV is happening NOW!!!” TOMMOROW never comes… NOW means NOW!!!


Member: It would be really really nice if mark would get some info to bring to the table this morning before the podcast. It’s been crazy quiet ever since he was asked to not give up info. .


MZ:  RV news remains very quiet as we watch the existing financial system around the world implode. Turkey discovers vast in ground wealth….. Crazy timing….


Member:  it is very interesting how these countries are “finding” valuable resources now…Almost like they were waiting for the world to change so they could access it without fear… Hmm


Member: ATTENTION MARK Z: Emergency Iraq food and service law has been put in the Gazette newspaper. REF. Tishwalsh at TNT.


Member: Iraq published the food bill in the Gazette???? Good news?


Member:  did anyone see that IRAQ is suspending all stock trades starting tomorrow 7th for 9 days???


Member: I think that is very interesting………


Member: Iraq EFSL law has been posted in the Gazette. What’s next?


Member: Hopefully a new rate for the dinar.


Member: I wonder if it is the US or Iraq that’s holding it up Mark?


Member: Good morning Mark, are you hearing some of tier 3 is liquid?


MZ: I hope this is correct but have not yet gotten confirmation from my connections. My SKR is in tier 3 and we have not been paid yet.


MZ: I have many contacts in tier 3 who are also hearing rumors that some are getting paid but none of my contacts have any money as of yet….i am waiting for that first confirmation from somebody that says “ hey, I’m ready to buy you that steak dinner and a Cadillac now”   (I don’t need a Cadillac-but you guys get the idea) I’m waiting for that phone call from somebody I know in the real world that they indeed have money from tier 3. Until then I will treat it as a hopeful rumor.


MZ: If I get that confirmation I will let you guys know immediately.


Member: If T3 is started,  then T4 should start soon?


Member: Ed says we are next


Member: What does Tier 3 mean??? I’m Lost on this one


MZ: Tier 3 is loosely referred to as the “sovereign tier”  This is where countries and large groups like the Indian Nations get their payout.  Tier 4a are folks/groups that have already turned in their currency and have SKT’s (safe keeping receipts) . 4B is us…..folks who still have their currency in their possession…know all of this is happening….Then tier 5 is when the whole world goes to parity….the public tier.


MZ: Tier 3 is expected to go first then everyone else goes just hours after….


Member: There are 5 Tiers of folks Exchanging. Tier 1-governments and royalty Tier 2-whales-elite with platforms of currency, corporations, etc. Tier 3-Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups (like the Mormons), etc. Tier 4-all the hundreds of thousands paying attention to intel – internet groups(all of us). Tier 5- those who never paid attn – the general public.




Member:  Good morning MarkZ what’s going on with the Bond Folks


Member: I can’t even imagine what the bond whales are feeling like with all this…


MZ: My bond people are still sitting and waiting for a “green light”


MZ: Other than that – we are watching things in the world line up for the implosion.


Member: I find all the news about all the countries trying to join BRICS very encouraging…..


Member: BRICS had video conference with 9 nations, all are planning on joining. Iran is applying now. France may want to join as well.


Member: Bruce said 140 countries have asset-backed currency that has been trading since Sun. night 3 July??? Dont know about that…..sure not in the news anywhere.


Member: I wonder when is Congress going to vote to have the dollar gold backed?


Member:  BREAKING: Five more junior ministers quit Johnson’s UK govt en masse: letter That makes 30 now


Member: Euro rate almost the same as USD today (From our currency USD = 1.82 Euro = 1.85)


Member:  7/5/22 The BIG CALL: Bruce said, based on recent an current events the RV is very closeT4B Notifications are possible anytime, Wednesday 7/6/22 – Friday 7/8/22


Member: Simon mentioned something happened last Friday that had to happen before the RV. What???


Member: So do we have to wait until the next 3 day weekend for a chance for the RV to go?


Member: Don’t you people understand that the 3 day event shuts down everything! That’s the 3 days the banks will be closed, we’re not waiting on a holiday, we’re waiting on an event


Member: Any guesses on what the Iranian Rial is going to be?


MZ: I am told it will be in the $3 dollar range.


Member: Dong?


MZ: Still hearing it should be about $2.25-$2.30….nothing has changed.


Member: is the Rupiah still holding at about $1.47?


MZ: Yes…..this is from all of my sources who are in agreement on this one. .


Member: We there be just one 800 number to call…or does everyone get one for themselves to call?


MZ: I am told it’s a combination of both. There will be a number for those without computer access…and a safelink to click on and direct you to a call center…which will be more efficient.


Member: where to. get list of REDEMPTION CENTERS?????


Member:  There is no list…..For security reasons no one will know the location of redemption centers until we make our appointments.


Member: I believe you will discuss location to exchange when you call the 800 #. Not going to publish location list for safety I’m sure


Member: God wrap your loving arms around the RV and release the funds to humanity in Yeshua’s name peace love and light


Member: Mark, Thanks as always for all the latest news & RV updates.


Note: Shortly after Mark gives the news with his hat and news banner….there is a discussion on doing math to find bolivar and others rates the replay for all of that information.


Mod:  ** Bolivar calculation: 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) for .22 take off 10 zeroes giving 10,000 and multiply by number of cents (22) = $220,000 ************




The next stream is tonight at 7 pm est…..unless.

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