MarkZ Weekend News

Weekend News with MarkZ 07/09/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Happy Saturday everyone. One day closer to the RV

Member: Good morning. Living a good life while waiting for an even better one. Either way – God is good!!

Member: A RV over the weekend would be great. I wonder if redemption people scheduled to work this weekend?

MZ: We are still getting confirmations of more folks (whales/groups) hitting the ground in redemption areas. They are working on a schedule but we havn’t seen one yet so do not know what to expect. One group is hopeful for the weekend while the rest of them are looking at the very beginning of the week……

MZ: I believe we are awfully close, but we all have to find a little patience here….There is so much smoke. But that they have them all in place is very comforting.

MZ: Also hearing from a number of my bond folks that they are expecting liquidity on Monday. Of course they have heard this 200 times or more but they seem positive this is “it”. We will find out Monday morning

MZ: If any of the whales or groups have liquid funds over the weekend I will come on and let you know …Wherever I am I will stop and post. LOL Maybe I will post just a picture of Borat in his bathing suit (mankini) and then you will know we have gone….lol

Member: I’d settle for a minnow being paid, let alone a whale.

Member: Mark, have you read how Vietnam`s economy has just taken off? inflation lower, outside business coming in, etc… Would this not be good for the VND going higher?

Member: is the dong rate still $2.20. I tried to buy currency at Chase yesterday and was told the system is down

MZ: Still hearing $2.25-$2.30 is the projected rate on the dong….

Member: Chase told me yesterday, They got a memo no currency selling at all.

MZ: For you folks in Canada- you are finally seeing some service restored. “ Rogers services mostly restored after day long outage left millions offline”  I got emails from some of you affected and you tried to go to banks to pull money out and there was none….that should concern us. Everyone in the US, UK Aussies….all of us. Learn from what just happened in Canada…..There was a shortage of cash. And this wasn’t even a run on the bank. If credit cards are down….suddenly we have to use cash…..and what if there is none.

Member: Maybe it was a test run?

MZ: Exactly- maybe it was a test run.

Member: Maybe they are switching over to the QFS?

MZ: We don’t know. I have heard that rumored…..but, It could have been simply hackers… Still waiting for an explanation.

Member: I think internet down in Canada was starlink test. And arrests.

Member: Restored Republic keeps saying right after EBS we go into 10 days of darkness, no internet, ect. How will we get 800#s to call?

Member: Mark said yesterday that it should only go down in key areas and only a few hours while arrests happen…….so intermittent outages…not everywhere…..and not for long.

Member: I heard the Iraq international rate was in the Gazette today.

MZ: I have not heard that yet…..hope it is accurate.

Member:  so the people have had a rebellion in Sri Lanka – that’s what will be happening here if the White Hats don’t get a move on!

Member: thousands of Sri Lanka protesters stormed the president’s home

Member:  Julie Green spoke about Sri Lanka a couple times

Member: Good grief are we ever going to have a normal world where the criminal nuts are not in control?????

Member: last night both Chas and Mike Penny reported that Australia was on total media lockdown. Could this be what we are waiting for???

Member: Mark, Do think with Boris Johnson stepping down it will delay the RV?

MZ: I don’t think it will have any affect at all. I think that is a very positive thing.

Member: Maybe the cabal is being removed from power right now!!

Member: I am ready for the RV/Nesara/Gesara so we can start getting this world on track. The sovereign people of the world deserves the world to come. Let God shine his light upon all of us.

Member: hopefully when nesara gesara happens wars are to end so all this suffering from our Military Soldiers will end. peace is healing

Member: I feel sorry for the long-timers with this RV… one year in it for me and I’m riding the emotional roller coaster everyday which is exhausting!!!

Member: Still praying for Christmas in July !!

Member:  thank you to all that have served this great country past present and future. we owe you a debt of gratitude for your sacrifice. May God Bless you and your Families and keep them safe

Member: Blessings to all! Have a great weekend!!

Member: Everyone have a great weekend. We hope this is our last weekend broke.

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