MarkZ Weekend Update

Weekend Update with MarkZ 11/19/2022


Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Welcome to the weekend.


Member: This week is Thanksgiving . A good reason to start the RV.


Member: Are we being served an everything burger this weekend?


MZ: They expect the 2023 Iraqi budget by the end of this month or early in Dec. We were told by many sources in Iraq that they expect the new value of the dinar by the CBI before the new budget. This gives us a very short window.


MZ: I think it’s good news and gives us something to look for. In the last week they have told us that now it falls totally with the CBI. The government has told us they need the new rate for the new budget. I think we are looking at the magical confluence of events to see the value change of at least the Iraqi dinar if not the entire reset.


MZ: Redemption Center contacts are on call for the weekend and will spend a few hours at work Sunday afternoon . My contacts expect a very busy week beginning early in the week. I am hoping and praying this comes to fruition this time. They are looking for things to start very early this week.


MZ: this one shocked me to the core yesterday….coming from The Hill:  “Congress can Restore the integrity of the Dollar”  This is the MSM…..a very liberal publication….and they are openly talking about a “Gold Standard”  And how it would force our government to be responsible with money.




MZ: I posted this one last night….here is is again if you missed it.. QFS: THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM – Step Out of The Matrix and Into The Golden Age!


Member: REally praying this is the weekend we have been waiting for


Member: so many positive people wanting to go forward and a kick the can steps in to set us a step back.. 2 steps forward one step back.. we are dancing.


Member: Stick your hands in the air as we continue on with our roller coaster ride. Weeeeeeee


Member: definitely the Wildest Ride I have ever been on


Member: I hear BANKS Flippin the switch Sunday night at midnight


Member: From your lips to God’s ears……


Member: I hear DS wants RV now that there FTX slush fund is gone


Member: Would be better to have the DS gone……


Member: I wonder how soon can we see those public perp walks??


Member: Should have already happened.


Member: Life will always be the hardest when you are crossing over to a new level. Don’t get discouraged!


Member: Remember we are lucky to be in this position “Only God knows the perfect timing” we just need to keep having faith that the RV will happen!!


Member: Word of Encouragement: Life is Too Short to Stress to Argue or Worry. STAY POSITIVE…Be Humble and Count Your Blessings! God is in Control!


Member: Mark, thanks as always for all you bring to this community.


Member: everyone have a blessed weekend. I pray its OUR weekend!!




CBD Gurus join the stream at the end. Please listen to replay for all their information


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.




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