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Iran standing with Iraqi govt., people in ISIL fight
Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told Iraqi prime minister over a phone call it is an international responsibility of all states to fight terrorist groups such as ISIL.
President Rouhani called Heidar al-Ebadi of Iraq on Wednesday evening to find his brief report of the latest developments on the ground in Iraq, which included his government’s protracted plan in bringing stability to the country’s highly volatile political terrain and also his efforts to push back ISIL. Mr. Rouhani voiced his gratitude for Iraqi government recent success against ISIL in northern cities of the country; “the Islamic Republic of Iran will stand with Iraqi government and people and will work with the country to improve the situation; the unity and solidarity among different ethnic and tribal groups provides hopes for better situation on the horizon,” Rouhani told al-Ebadi on the phone.

“However, some countries would only pay lip service to fighting terrorism, and even would provide terrorists with arms and logistics; some others would buy oil from ISIL to give them a huge source of income; we believe and hope as well that political wisdom of Iraqi politicians will direct the country in the path leading to their national interests,” Mr. Rouhani asserted. “I have no doubt that bilateral ties will be improved even further given both countries’ historical, religious, and cultural historical contacts, and we seek to deepen relations in fields of mutual interest.”
Mr. al-Ebadi, for his part, said that Iraqi government and people were indebted to Iranian role and contribution in fighting terrorism; “ISIL is a global threat and fighting it would benefit the whole world and the region. Iraqi government and people are resolved in extirpating the terrorism and extremism from their lands,” he added. “Baghdad welcomes improved ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in intelligence, politics, culture, and other fields of mutual interests,” Mr. al-Ebadi told over the phone.
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