Mike Maloney [via WiserNow] …it appears that the kickoff day for this could be somewhere around the weekend, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It could be if we don’t get started on Saturday, for example – It may defer to Monday…money is really supposed to really be flowing on Saturday, April 1st…I think we’re in a really good place

URGENT: “Once the Dollar Loses Reserve Currency Status – There’s NO GOING BACK”


Mike Maloney:  3-31-2023


“We are abusing this great privilege that we had, and with this abuse – once we lose the world reserve currency status…there’s no going back.


We won’t get that prosperity that we’ve been able to enjoy. It’s going to be a very, very different world in the United States of America.” – Mike Maloney


Learn the latest details of the alarming trend of global de-dollarization in today’s update from Mike.