In MilitiaMan 

Article: “The Central Bank of Iraq confirms the continuation of his reformist approach to achieve financial and monetary stability” Here we go! The hand off is about to occur!  The central bank is reassuring that they have and have had full control of their monetary policy for 4 years running, just as Walkingstick has told us they have. They have had the calculations all well calculated with tools in place to maintain stability of their exchange rate well into the future.  They have here and in other articles talked about and showed that they have increased reserves exceeding 60 billion dollars, not to mention they increased their gold holdings by about 6.5 additional tonnes and have stated they increased revenues matching their oil output other sources necessary to compliment oil and shocks that may arise out of negative market conditions!

This was all done on Abadi’s watch over the past four years and the CBI is telling us and the world that they are geared for the next phase of Monetary Reform.  They have a surplus in the Budget enabling them to pay their internal debt and prevent impact from international conditions that may affect them in the future.  They have overcome major issues and now they are telling us they have it under control and handing off a baton that is very well placed and organized for the new government and it’s success.   Add in the recent past symposium introducing the information on new currency, the on going AMF meeting and the seating of the the PMs cabinet here in short order if not already. These events clearly show that they are on the track to the finish line…imo. So, can we take a roll call?  AMF…here! World Bank…here!  Iraqi Private Banks…here!  CBI…here! Ok. Everybody is here…let’s begin!!!