Article quote: “Adoption of the unified banking number (IBAN) which contributes to improving the level of banking services and clearing services and settling payments locally and internationally.” IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number.  Now to Prime Minister Mahdi…has his expertise and many years of it and include Oil Minister and Finance Minster and now Prime Minister of Iraq.   He has been around since the origination of the Paris Club, and had good relationship with the Kurds. Now we see the Kurds are happy, as they turned the oil back on through Ceyan Port to Turkey…back up to 500k barrels a day, as of this weekend… Why do I bring that up?

Well the HCL of course…not to mention the citizens getting paid and possibly on International Master Cards, but, the money from all sales through the country will need a safe and secure way to settle payments.. Not just from the retail side of things but for very large payments by Oil Sales, and that the IBAN account will apparently be used in that process of clearing payments. They are methodically playing this hand to the T… they are showing that they have in place mechanisms now to cease the Auctions, as we know them. So this is all looking so very sweet. Wednesday this week is a powerful day for…Mahdi seating Cab [cabinet], possibly 2019 Budget and Alak in Parliament again… IF those are correct, they should be somethings to watch for.. imo.