[Are you looking for this in EARLY 2019, MID 2019, LATE 2019…] I believe…they are ready to implement now with all the signs they have shown us over the last year. We know contracts have time stamps… T & T were said to be ready at a moments notice to be applied. We see a very large trading partner in country this week talking directly about money exchange. So, as for me the signs I see are not mid or late. There are fireflies on the ground over there that suggest that the citizens have been told they are getting a gift from GOD, they very well may have been placated for now, but, how long they will not get antsy is anyone’s guess.

Lets not forget that there was an article 01/02/2018 talking about linking the IQD with a basket of currencies (They let that cat out of the bag and big time). The stir was the authority was saying hold on a minute. Let’s not link to lower value currencies!! Nothing has changed as far as getting your purchase power, it is that we are going to get you more if we use an stronger basket…Thus, they bought more time? We shall see if it plays out like that. imo.