Article: “The opening of the first Iraqi bank in Saudi Arabia and cooperation includes security and intelligence.” It was a big day.  We learned not only did the Citizens and even the Kurds get their pay on time electronically and through out the 04/08/2019 – 04/18/2019 time period, then the ITB did a ribbon cutting bank ceremony and were somewhat vague on when they would open branches once done bragging about it, just as the Rasheed Bank was vague as well. Why be vague? Smart move…Imo.

Yet today, the ITB forecasts mid-May to be open and be operational for investors in and out of the Kingdom? Well, imo there is a possible logic for that. It is an Iraq Bank in a foreign brotherly land. Therefore, they will need to meet the needs of both brothers, imo. We also should know by now that investors that trade internationally and by the same international standards, typically trade in quality and not at “Sub Par”. A program rate is by far, sub-par.