[Referencing WTO Document] The part where it says they are members and their status is complete is interesting!  Thereby, imo when they lift the exchange rate to trade they, us…as in you and I, the ITB, etc.., will be able to exchange in an international level. Until that happens we wait.  …They will not ever trade internationally at a program rate, nor will they open an operational international Bank in a foreign country using Iraq Dinar without a significant rate change to reflect international standards and valuation.

Another thing to think about is that Alak is the Vice President now of the AMF and will get the seat as President in the next Session.  Are we to think he got all his awards, has his name on the new money and gets the nod for highest position at the AMF, second possibly to the IMF without lifting the value of the IQD?  No, He is not going to bring a program rate to drag the other countries down. He will bring value and expertise to the regional trading partners. Lets not forget the amount the AMF exchanges at… It is not a program rate I assure you all imo!  …I agree with [Gurus] Frank(26) and Delta and many others, they are telling us darn near every step they have made. Just not point as point blank and cut and dry as many may want.. But they are.. No delay, just finishing up final touches. imo.