In MilitiaMan

Article: “Parliamentary Economy: Resorting to the central reserve will not affect the exchange rate of the dinar”   Quote:  “As a medium of exchange, it trades only within the nation of Iraq, which makes it a “soft currency”.  Unlike “hard currencies”, like the US dollar or the euro, the Iraqi dinar is not used to settle claims on international markets. This can make the international Iraqi dinar exchange rate uncertain.” The above suggests they now are ready to go into the secondary markets. And to do so they have to be a hard currency.. Not a soft one. Hard currencies are international currencies with an internationally acceptable exchange rate… The ISX is under curfew? Why, when they can trade electronically or can they?  I’ll bet the inter connectivity to the NSDAQ has something to do with it. They are a secondary market platform, are they not? Starting to get clearer? I sure hope so!! It is sure is a beacon of light, imo.