In MilitiaMan

Article quote: “…it is better for the central bank to cancel the currency auction and install its local currency… According to the official, “There are daily discussions to reach a road map that enables the country to maintain an acceptable exchange secret of the dinar against the dollar.”  …in the coming days they are going to change from the CBI from getting dollars from the GOI, the merchants and private banks will get it directly from the GOI. The CBI will have no dollars. What they will have is a new currency to sell, effectively. The exchanges will sell dollars for legitimate use, i.e., travel, etc..  The CBI will make money off the Dinar. There will be no MCPs allowed in country for local use. That will require the dollar to be used for outside the country.  So, for this reversal or pattern change is the Big Kahuna imo.. CBI is about to change the rate.