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Article: “The Website Of The Iraq Stock Exchange Has Stopped Working”  I would like to mention the timing of the ISX being down since Thursday is very interesting. We know now that the CBIESD site shows the ISX Indice to have been adjusted from Blue to Black ink in respect to the Index value. The value increased by over 1000%. That fact is in stone imo. …It wasn’t a glitch!   if it was and they made changes today to other key items, then why not fix an “error” to such an important component of the sites structure in reporting? They would have by now imo fixed any error.

Why is this so interesting for them to be down at this stage? Well the value of the exchange with using the data from the CBI site suggests a very large move is expected to the live ISX actual values for share pricing…They say it is down for technical requirements… Well value adjustments of such large size would warrant technical assistance…There are no coincidences at this stage of the game. REER…(real effective exchange rate)…IS COMING!! Imo Let’s see what the CBI has to say next!!