In Dinar Guru Updates, MilitiaMan 

Article: “Finance Minister: Agreement to activate the electrical connection between Iraq and Saudi Arabia” The move that supports they are Article 8 compliant in business..imo    They cut off Iran and Iraq’s electricity dealings yesterday. The energy is now coming from Saudi Arabia. That means to me they are international in regard to doing business. The implications of that are huge. We know the plan is to become a social market economy for Iraq. That requires internationalism. Doing so requires Iraq to be article 8 compliant. From the looks of the recent agreement with Saudi Arabia, they are showing that they are now compliant, ioo. The meetings with the Finance Minister, aka Deputiy Prime Minister, has me thinking they are or may have brought or now are bringing the REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate) to the neighboring countries…imo Times are seriously getting real, imo!

We know the CBI printed 4 trillion dinar in April. They didn’t print large notes. They printed smaller increments of money. imo. We know they showed us they were destroying large amounts of perfectly good large notes. The new money is to replace the large with smalls…The education process for the new currency will come once the REER  (Real Effective Exchange Rate)  is exposed…They could show the new money and educate for re opening of the ISX well before they open…So, lets see what they do next. But, it sure looks like we are in a good place.. imo.