In MilitiaMan

Article:  “Al-Shami provides a set of economic solutions that enhance production and services”   They are literally telling us they are going to a market economy. They have been hammering it home for months now… But, now they are not only talking about it they are doing it…It is my belief they are telling us that a correction from the previous economic platform is required and that the correction will regain the lost confidence. …They even mention not only will local investors gain, so will foreigners…By raising the value of their stock exchange by increasing their exchange rate will be a positive shock. One where we all should agree is to be a good thing…!

There is an urgency to bring in the new.  There are many articles referencing the “new”.  New PM, new reforms, new holding company, new small category notes, new e-commerce, new e-government, etc.. imo…The information to date is extremely powerful, as it shows they are doing now what they have been trying to do for many years, as noted by the letter fron Nasserry to the new PM, just this time they are listening to the road map alternatives, and are seriously on the path to go live with the new social market economy.. imo Wow.