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Article: “Iraqi banks are waiting for a notice to launch salaries within 24 hours” They postponed the salaries for up to 24 hours. The government banks are awaiting a notice…One that is different than in the past…This imo sure looks like the agreement the Kurds have made and signed yesterday, in that they signed the comprehensive agreement, it suggests there was a need to adjust things for the electronic system to make payments…Keep in mind the adjustments at the borders are to have electronic adjustments in line by the 1st of July for shipping, border crossing, taxes, tariffs, fees, etc. Also take note that there will be a parliament session on Monday the 29th. The 2020 Budget is to be sorted by the 30th. The Kurds signing the comprehensive agreement yesterday, imo would have had the 2019 FMLA on the table. That 2019 FMLA is the mechanism or is imo the key to the RI. See the picture being painted? It surely looks promising this is coming to a head! imo It is all lining up! imo.