In MilitiaMan

Article: “A Kurdish deputy reveals the fact that Baghdad refused to receive the Kurdistan delegation and the reason for his late visit” Quote: “The Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad next week, and it is awaiting the easing of the conditions that Baghdad requested from the region with regard to oil delivery, and revenues of 50% of the border outlets. There is hope regarding negotiations between the territorial and federal governments, after entering international mediation, that a comprehensive agreement will be reached between the two parties.” I can just imagine the room they are in and how many international entities are working to help the mediation process through to the finish. We all know this is about money and salaries, however, it is even more than that. It is about the 2019 FMLA too..imo The trigger for money/foreign currency reserves to get a leg up… When there is an RI, you can bet your bottom Dinar that there is going to be some serious money movement and not just in Iraq.