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KTFA: Samson:  Parliamentary Finance excludes the existence of a budget for 2022 and explains the reason


14th July, 2022


The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the reason for excluding the adoption of a financial budget for 2022.   Committee member Jamal Cougar told {Euphrates News}: “There is no opportunity to pass the budget law, as it needs to go through a series of formations so that we can say that there is a possibility to send the budget.”


He added that “the draft law needs steps to be sent and transferred between the corridors of state institutions for a period of no less than 12 weeks, and this is at least in the last two months of this year, while the government is tasked with preparing a draft budget for next year, starting from next August, and this is not possible, so we rule out approval.” Budget Law for 2022.


It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted last June 8 on the proposed law on emergency support for food security and development.


The law aims to “achieve food security, reduce poverty, achieve financial stability in light of urgent global developments, continue to provide services to citizens and raise the standard of living for them after the budget law expires, create job opportunities, maximize Iraqis’ benefit from state resources, advance development, and resume work on stalled and lagging projects due to lack of Financing and running new projects of importance.


Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said that the law on emergency support for food security is not a budget, but rather that we are going through an exceptional circumstance, and we, as a caretaker government, have no right to enact laws, so we resorted to the food security law, which requires us to work hard to implement it for the benefit of the Iraqis.  LINK




MilitiaMan:  The Total deal having been putting Iraq on notice, by telling them your taking to long on the GOI , etc.. We are leaving by end of month if it is not sorted. We are taking $27 billion with us..


Now imagine that. Total leaves, who else would?  Likely all of the companies that support Total. That would be many and likely devastating  in totality..  That isn’t going to happen as we witnessed the same day, as Total concluded the deal.


Then today Kahdimi gets a badge of honor for it. Keep in mind he has the necessary powers afforded to him to make things happen for the citizens. Like the EFSL..  Like the economic and energy issues he will deal with in SA with the USA, GCC, BUNA, AYSCUDA, etc., etc..


As stated above there is no need now for the 2022 budget. Rightfully so, the necessary powers granted to Kahdimi make sure of that. Evidenced by the EFSL (WPs) and the actions taken to secure the Total contracts by assuring Paris they have legal government in place today, tomorrow and throughout the next year, being likely.


From the looks of it we can see that effectively with out announcement of it, but, Kahdimi is in place for the final play and the clean sweep is in the bag already. He knows it, the world now knows it and tomorrow the Iraqis will pray about it and likely shortly there after, they’ll realize just how big the present government with those necessary powers is and in the pocket book.. imo GAME is about OVER.. ~ MM


Samson:  Al-Kazemi receives the Medal of Honor from the French President  LINK


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Clare: The Iraqi Oil Minister from Paris: We are continuing to implement the “Total” contracts




Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Minister of Oil confirmed that the implementation of the group of oil contracts concluded by the ministry with the French Total is proceeding.


It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Oil has concluded a set of contracts with Total, which is the largest in the history of the local oil industry in terms of the volume of investments that are monitored by the international company and the Ministry of Oil.   LINK


Full Chat with MilitiaMan and Tivon on these articles….LINK




Al-Kazemi before heading to Saudi Arabia: I hope the political parties take advantage of Al-Sadr’s initiative


15th July, 2022


On Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi called on political parties to invest in the initiative launched by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, during the unified Friday prayer sermon.


This came during a press conference he held before heading to the Saudi city of Jeddah to participate in the Riyadh summit of the leaders of the Gulf states, in addition to Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and the United States of America. “I hope the political parties will take advantage of the initiative launched by Mr. Al-Sadr,” Al-Kazemi said at the conference, which was monitored by Shafak News Agency.


With regard to the conference, Al-Kazemi indicated that “the Jeddah conference will discuss prospects for cooperation in energy and climate change files, and the issue of normalization will never be discussed,” noting that “there are attempts to confuse Iraq’s restoration of its role in the region.” He stressed that “Iraq will not be today or tomorrow in any military axis or alliance, and will not be a starting point for threatening any of the neighboring countries.”


Al-Kazemi pointed out that “Iraq’s policy is to zero problems and achieve balance in relations and moderation in dealing,” adding that “our motto is Iraq first, and we will continue with this approach to serve the Iraqi people.” And he continued, “We will discuss with Biden the file of the strategic agreement in the aspects of


Health and the economy.”  LINK


Al-Kazemi justified his attendance at the Jeddah conference: He will never discuss normalization  LINK


UST – 05/12/2022


“On global health, we welcome the establishment of a Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) at the World Bank as a new global financing mechanism dedicated to addressing financing gaps in pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (PPR). The FIF will complement the work of existing institutions and catalyze funding from domestic, private, philanthropic, and bilateral sources. We underscore the need for the FIF to launch and become operational by September of this year. We also highly value the meaningful, ongoing collaboration between Finance and Health Ministers as well as through the G20 Joint Finance-Health Task Force. We commit to further strengthening this coordination and building a resilient global health architecture, including through accelerating progress towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).”


UST – 05/12/2022


“On infrastructure, we reaffirm the importance of promoting high-quality, transparent, and sustainable infrastructure investments to narrow the infrastructure gaps in Asia-Pacific and other regions. To ensure the quality and value of our investments, we will deliver projects based on the G20 Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investments (QII) and encourage the use of QII principles by our partners. We will continue to work bilaterally, multilaterally with G7 partners under the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment, and with like-minded partners.




MilitiaMan:   We know that the WB. UST, IMF, AMF, EU, WTO, G7, etc.. all have a stake in the reforms in Iraq. It is not secret..


The language that the globe is using is not a coincidence to be consistently they same words being used. Food Security, Health Care, Finance, climate change, energy, etc.. All of these and more are being used and at the same time around the world.


This weekend showcases some heavy hitting meeting on economic, energy, digital assets, global universal health care, infrastructure and so on. Lets not be Iraq centric. It is about Iraq, but, not all about Iraq..


The snippets above are from the US Treasury. The consistently use buzz words. They are telling the world they are doing things differently now and will continue to do so. In October 2021 they told us about Global Digital Taxation. That too is a topic in Indonesia this weekend..


Pay attention.. It is real and getting ever more real.. imo ~ MM