Mnt Goat

Moqtada al-Sadr spoke in parliament and stated that he wanted the promised reforms and the “wealth of Iraq given back to the nation”. He is putting pressure on parliament and the GOI to get the reinstatement of the currency, something which is way overdue. There is no reason for this process not to take place other than the corruption going on with the currency auctions and now maybe the Iran fiasco. To coincide with Sadr’s efforts we need to watch what the CBI does. They must find a way to curb the corruption in the currency auctions and move ahead with the project to delete the zeros.

What does Sadr mean when he says “to give the people back their wealth”? What he means is this. Supposed someone had 2 million dinars before Oct 2003 worth a rate $3+ per dinar (when they decided to convert to the new large 3 zero notes). That was over 6 million US dollars. This 2 million then became almost worthless overnight as the value decreased to about $2,000 US dollars. So, what Sadr is saying is that the people need to regain the value they lost and get back at least their 6 million dollars. Get it? Sadr is not speaking so general as most think. He is very specific in his thinking on this topic.