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Article: “IRAQ HAS PAID 48.3 BILLION DOLLARS COMPENSATION TO KUWAIT SO FAR” So the big question on everyone’s minds is will this affect the RV?  Do we have to wait until 2021 for these sanctions to be off Iraq when all this money is paid to Kuwait? The answer is NO if the deal with Kuwait to give them gas in exchange for the remaining balance of $4.1 ($52.4 minus $48.3). We have been told this is the case.

The other hitch is will the IMF allow this as acceptable and relieve them of the sanctions now or make them wait until the gas is delivered and pays out the $4.1 billion remaining? So far we have not heard from the IMF on this point. So we wait and listen. But YES this could be part of the IMF not wanting to sign off on the RV. Remember too the UN was just in Iraq in a BIG meeting. What were they discussing? Of course, they discussed relieving the sanctions, the last part of Chapter VII. What we know as FACT is that Iraq can not Reinstate the currency as long as they are still in Chapter VII.