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Article: “REVEALED 17 CORRUPTION SUSPICIONS THAT HAVE PLAGUED IRAQ’S CENTRAL BANK OVER THE PAST YEARS” So ending this issue of corruption is not as simple as some…tell you…they say, just RV, and the auctions go away and the corruption ends. Folks it is not that simple than to get the reinstatement (thus eventually a significant rate change we want) when there are billions being stolen. The longer it goes on the longer it will take to stop it. Remember that Dr Shabibi told us in a news media interview after the fact that the CBI had an “unprecedented opportunity” in 2013 to reinstate the dinar and end all this corruption but the corrupt politicians stopped it and re-prevented it. This has been the case ever since.

So in comes Mutada Sadr who has had enough of this corruption and wants to end it. He then runs an anti-corruption campaign for elections in 2018 and wins. He makes the PM sign agreements to complete a list of the needed reforms. These reforms are all about ending the corruption and getting the currency project to delete the zeros done. So far it has been over a year and so what has happened so far? Not much!