Mnt Goat

Article: “A STUDY TO DELETE ZEROS FROM THE NATIONAL CURRENCY” IS THE PROJECT TO DELETE THE ZEROS POSTPONED AGAIN? This article led us to believe that in fact it has been postponed again. Is this true? This article …is NOT telling us they are postponing again the project to delete the zeros. What gets lost in the translation from Arabic to English is they are telling us in the past this is what happened and why it was postponed.

So we know the Finance Committee has made the effort to tell us in the past weeks, with a barrage of articles that they were considering going ahead (and will probably go head) with the project. I also know that they are now re-educating of the citizens via billboards and televised broadcast on the how the project to delete the zeros will work…Iraq CAN NOT go much longer without the reinstatement and the launching of the smaller category notes. Today we have three (3) other articles telling us they are connecting with international organizations for the purpose of doing business with the international world.

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