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Did the CBI just end the currency auctions? Let this news play out and see if, in fact, the currency auctions do continue and are picked back up and the buy and sell rates change. Or will this finally be the end and the reinstatement is just around the corner? If they are exchanging very limited dinars for US dollars via the currency auctions, then how can the banks continue in business? Could this mean “reinstatement” time…finally to get out of this situation? We know this was on the very first list of demands from the demonstrators so let’s see what happens.

We also just heard this morning 11/18/19 that parliament is going to vote on some needed legislation in regards to these demands.  Then out popped an article telling us that the 2020 budget will reach parliament in the next few days or so for the first vote. Oh – boy this could get interesting real fast. But the budget has an implementation date of Jan 1st 2020. Why? Because their fiscal year begins on Jan 1st… The first quarter of their fiscal year is the BEST time to reinstate the currency. Looks like our early January 2020 date creeps up again. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed this time this is finally the beginning of the end of this Iraqi dinar RV ride.