Mnt Goat

I want to remind everyone that the end of January is just around the corner. The month of January is noted as the BEST and MOST OPPORTUNE time for the CBI to conduct the reinstatement. Can they do it by end of January? I don’t think so. Does this mean we wait until next January 2021? Very possible we may have to since now they are talking about not even implementing the China deal with Iraq until 5 months from now. Seems 2020 is going to pass us by real fast. Another wasted year gone. I believe that over this coming weekend things could drastically change, if a prime minister is seated.

The US wants all funding to terrorists to end. So this is the situation like it or not…it may be better to face Iran now and suffer any consequences NOW than to continue and prolong this Iranian influence any longer. We will NEVER see our RV with it. It may take some time to get Iran out but at least now the process has begun and is being aggressively applied. How long will it take, we don’t know. But there is a plan and the US and Iraq now are jointly working towards it. This is the VERY GOOD news today.

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