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The reinstatement is not going to show up in the budget…There is absolutely NOTHING in the budget that is going to indicate an RV. The CBI can simply reinstate the dinar at any time and do not need a budget to do it. When the RV does happen the GOI will simply have to re-adjust and move along with it. We do know from the past the CBI would like to coordinate with the GOI and even get permission. But we see that the holdups and unresponsiveness of the GOI in the past have held up these reforms and so the CBI may very well just decide to bypass the GOI altogether and do it in desperation… don’t go the budget for answers but rather what the CBI is doing behind the scenes. So, we wait for news from the CBI and that is all we can do. I will try to contact the CBI next week and see if I can get an update from my contact.