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Today’s dinar news is all about the ongoing saga of how will Iraq find the necessary funding to pay the June salaries. The pressure is enormous as simply put; they do not have the oil revenues sufficient to pay these salaries (about 4-5 billion US dollars) for June. We know the IMF will not lend them the money and the CBI will not use the reserves. So, over these last weeks we have seen many proposals presented to us. The CBI did end the currency auctions at the end of May and this we know as a FACT. They told us they also are going to aggressively implement the customs and tariffs law and go electronic collection system to do so. But we know this system requires Iraq to be on FOREX since the system uses FOREX in the calculation of the most current rate of foreign currency in order to find the rate and convert it. So how will they do this without being on FOREX? I don’t know you tell me.