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So here we are mid-July already and still no RV. However, I am seeing there are prospects and potential that maybe early to mid-August a window is opening up. There is a real possibly to see some real news of the “project do delete the zeros” again in the news media and it will come out shortly. Rumors are floating around that they are now discussing this revaluation process and want to start it. Parliament wants about 1 dinar to .50 cents and so they argue. Remember parliament does not make financial policy and so the CBI will determine and will make recommendations (and have the final say). I do not think it will come out with anything that low and it will be around 1.00 (plus or minus .20 cents). Yes, they will have to sell the new rate to parliament and may even ask for a vote. But this is all now surfaced and underway. They are now deciding what to do and when to do it. This is all fantastic news! WOW!