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I know there are lots of rumors floating around about an RV this week. Don’t you think it might be a very good idea to inform the CBI of this impending RV? Don’t they initiate it…? I have said many times already that the CBI will educate the citizens prior to the “project to delete the zeros” and how it will all work. Even though they have done this before they will do it again and again prior to each scheduled attempt. I have talked to my sources in the CBI and they have told me to watch for this re-education and announcements from the CBI as our cue as we get closer to the RV. What more can they tell us? The only thing more would be a date and they are not going to do that, as least directly. However, the CBI has scheduled the project to delete the zeros already three (3) time that we can confirm and know of as a FACT. So if this project was going to be executed in July then where is (was) the news from the CBI? There is no news and thus no RV. But this is not the only reason for no RV now.

Where do we stand today? First, I want to re-emphasize that we will NOT see the RV in July. I know they did have plans to try to do it but even way back in early June they decided they could not piece it all together in time. They want a “level playing field” with the currencies in the middle east and so they are attempting to do it. Iran, once again, is the obstacle and causing delays on this process. I am possibly seeing a window in August but I do not see the CBI firming this as of yet. They are not taking the action necessary to progress in this direction. They should now be re-educating the public if this was the case. They are not. We might be heading for an early 2021 window again. We just have to wait it out and see. But we do know this nonsense of delay, delay  can not go on much longer.