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Article quotes: “The GROUPS THAT BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW WILL SOON WITNESS SERIOUS MOVEMENTS BY OUR SECURITY FORCES,” ;  “In the past, there were concerted efforts to reduce and corrupt the state security forces, but we are now working to reconfigure these forces and cleanse them of all the corrupt elements, and this will take time, but we will hold these people accountable for the crimes they committed,”   we have been waiting for good news like this from a leader of Iraq for a long time. Yes, we heard it from lots of people in the past but not from a prime minister. I like al-Kazemi and his thinking. It is so honest and truthful. I also want to point out he is talking AGAIN about routing out these Iranian militias. WOW! It is about time! This is going to get the security they need for the reinstatement and to rebuild the economy and country. Its all moving in the right direction now and that is what matters.